Pucker Up! Views on Lip Art Videos Up 44% in Q4 2017

Pucker Up! Views on Lip Art Videos Up 44% in Q4 2017

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In the beauty industry, the face is much like a painter’s canvas, and makeup artists aren’t afraid to use it. Beauty YouTubers far and wide have already stoked interest in past (and often still popular) trends for other parts of the body, such as elaborate hairdos or insanely detailed nail art. But the latest trend to crop up on Google’s online video site focuses on one very specific part of the face: the lips. That’s right — audiences just can’t get enough of watching other people’s smackers becoming embellished and bedazzled.

According to Tubular’s newest Q4 2017 State of Online Video report, tutorials surrounding lip art are the next big thing in beauty circles on YouTube. While the report discovered an overall growth in views on beauty content in the last three months of 2017, views on lip art videos, in particular, grew a substantial 44% over Q3. Let’s dive into this trend a bit further and see how brands can benefit from this surging interest in bedecked lips!

Lips, Lips, Lips… Everyone Loves Lips

The Q4 2017 SOOV report from Tubular discovered a total of 58 million total views on roughly 169 lip art videos uploaded from October through December. Previously, the highest peak of views on this particular type of video was in July at around 15 million. These views dipped to around 10 million in August, climbed slowly up in September, and finally started to take off more quickly in October, hitting almost 30 million total views in December alone.

One channel definitely stood out above all others in Q4 in terms of its lip art coverage. LifeBeauty, a YouTube channel which launched in mid-2016, posts tips and tutorials videos related to hair, makeup, nails, DIY products, and — of course — lips. This category attracted millions of views to LifeBeauty’s content in the last three months of 2017; in fact, a quick search for “lip art” in Tubular’s software shows that out of the top ten most-watched results, this channel uploaded eight of them! LifeBeauty’s popularity hasn’t seemed to wane, either, as it claimed the #2 global spot for most-watched beauty influencers on YouTube.

The interesting thing about LifeBeauty’s lip art videos is that most of them are compilations of art created by other channels. This could indicate audiences aren’t always interested in actually undertaking lip art decorating themselves, but are just fascinated with the concept and want to view the mesmerizing creations of others. For example, LifeBeauty’s most-watched clip about lip art from Q4 boasts an impressive 26.2 million total views and features a range of lip designs, including a mermaid tail pattern and a Minnie Mouse-inspired tutorial.

Lip Art Videos at the Brand Level

Now as a brand you may be wondering how you can get on board with this trend over the next few weeks and months, and we don’t blame you. Lip art is certainly a unique idea with tons of branding potential for companies of all types, not just those who sell beauty products. Of course, beauty brands have the most to gain here, starting with creating their own versions of lip art tutorials using their own products. Another option is for beauty brands to sponsor lip art videos from top YouTube creators, which we expect will happen more often in the coming months.

That being said, sponsorship isn’t limited to beauty brands alone. For brands enchanted with the lip art trend, try to think outside the box on how to incorporate painted puckers into your video strategy. Like the Minnie Mouse example mentioned above, entertainment and media companies could sponsor a lip art video of an iconic character or a promotional image from an upcoming release. A crystal, bead, or glitter manufacturer could sponsor a YouTuber to use their products as lip embellishments in a video, or a camera or smartphone company could back a lip art video by a YouTuber who uses their filming technology.

And don’t forget the timeliness of global or national events, either. Many different brands ranging from official governments to party and events companies could benefit from branded lip art videos. Imagine the Super Bowl logo painted on a YouTube star’s lips, for example, or an American flag decorating an influencer’s smackers for the Fourth of July thanks to a sponsorship from a hamburger bun manufacturer. The branded possibilities, like lip art designs themselves, are endless!

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