How To Officially Link A Web Domain To Your YouTube Partner Channel

How To Officially Link A Web Domain To Your YouTube Partner Channel

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Earlier this week on our weekly Reel Web video, Tim mentioned how YouTube’s new Partner Product Bulletin announced the ability to link your website to your channel.  It said:  You now have the ability to officially link to a web domain to your Channel through IRDB.  After requesting to link the channel to the site, the site owner will have to authenticate the request before your channel will be officially linked.  We anticipate that this will boost search ranking, so recommend that you enable this feature.  It mentioned IRDB: what is that?  We still have no idea.

But, we looked at our account today and noticed an option through our channel settings that allowed us to do it.  It’s supposed to help in search and help YouTube verify that your channel is the official representation of your brand.

How to Officially Link Your Website to Your YouTube Channel

The new feature is available only to partners.  For those who have achieved such high status at YouTube, the process is pretty simple.  All you have to do is to go to your YouTube channel settings.

Put your website link into the field, then YouTube goes to verify it.  Get a “Success” and your channel and site are now linked.

How Does This Manifest and Will it Help with SEO?

We don’t really know yet what this actually does and/or what it will end up looking like in terms of any indication within YouTube to users.

As for search, this could allow the YouTube to give more relevant results when people are looking for official channels to known brands.  Or it could help in regular search engines so that a brand’s channel ranks higher in results.  We don’t really know right now (and YouTube themselves used the words “we anticipate” when it comes to how it helps in search), but hey, the fact that it’s available and it at least sounds useful makes this a nifty feature.



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