LG’s ‘So Real It’s Scary’ Video Ad is Great Example of Selling without the Selling

LG’s ‘So Real It’s Scary’ Video Ad is Great Example of Selling without the Selling

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A few weeks ago LG released an ad for their new IPS monitors, and tent-poling the ad around Halloween, they made a video that would be a pretty scary scenario for all of us: what if the floor of an elevator started falling right in front of you?  Well, the folks at LG wanted to prove how real their new IPS monitors are, so they played a little practical joke on some people using an elevator.  These kinds of stunts are pretty funny to watch, and are fine examples of content-first advertising.  So even though I’m a little late in writing about this, it’s a fine example of the kind of video brands should be thinking about.

LG’s IPS Monitors: So Real It’s Scary

This video has taken in 14 million views since it’s launch on October 19:

So, we get some good reactions from the people getting in these elevators here, although, you have to feel something told them this wasn’t real in some cases (those first couple of guys seem slightly amused).  Still, even the slightest bit of startling is good, and we had a couple of people trying to find a “safe” tile.

The stunt is made more effective by the lights going out and the creaking they hear through the speakers.  There is absolutely no way they could have made this scarier (like, making the elevator shake a bit) and gotten away with it, but it’s still an effective ad, and it’s a lot of fun watching these riders react.

We’ve seen a lot of TV ads in the last few years show how real they are by having people mistake the images onscreen for real life.  But in this case, LG upped the ante and created content worth sharing.  The human element of it, watching others believe they are in peril, even the slightest bit, makes this an intriguing “what if?” scenario.

LG shows that making your product part of a story is a winning formula for video.


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