The Best LGBT Channels On YouTube

The Best LGBT Channels On YouTube

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So yesterday, an historic Supreme court ruling struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) declaring it as “unconstitutional as a deprivation of the liberty of the person protected by the Fifth Amendment“. Prop 8 was also overruled, clearing the way for same sex marriage to be restored in the state of California. It’s a ground breaking win for the gay rights movement, overturning a law that has, since 1996, denied the usual legal and financial benefits to married gay couples. At that time, no U.S. state permitted gay men and lesbians to marry. Now, 12 states (including New York and Massachusetts as well as the District of Columbia) authorize same-sex marriages.

The internet has, predictably, exploded at the news with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Vine and Instagram Video experiencing a huge amount of activity from those celebrating or reacting to the overruling. So, as we are all about video here, we celebrate in our own way by bringing you the best of the LGBT channels on YouTube at the moment. A big thanks to the ever lovely Josh Rimer for his help with the suggestions.

Warning: some of the following videos aren’t particularly SFW and obviously deal with gay issues and all that.

GWIST:  Not About Being Gay But FOR Being Gay

Relatively new but already nearing 1.3 Million views, Gwist is “TV with a twist”, featuring shows from content creators in the gay community as well as other up and coming talent. The videos range from comedy sketches to discussions on issues surrounding the LGBTQ community.

Check out their excellent recruitment/subscriber trailer….

Gay Family Values: Just An Average Family

With 5.2 Million views and just under 27,000 subscribers, The Gay Family Values channel invites us to join two Californian dads as they bring up their adopted children in modern day America. They become active on YouTube when the Prop 8 law was passed in an effort to “destroy some of the negative stereotypes surrounding gay families”.

Here’s a video that son Daniel made to Chief Justice Roberts before yesterday’s ruling.

BriaAndChrissy: #ProudToLove Each Other

Type ‘lesbian’ into YouTube and you are going to have to wade through a TONNE of hot chick kissing videos, like a tonne, but there are some gems for the gay community like the BriaAndChrissy channel. With over 4 million views and nearly 29,000 subscribers, the couple produce consistent content based around their music and their relationship.

Here they take us through the worst ways to come out as a lesbian…

Girlfriends: A Geeky Girl And The Gay Scene

Talking of lesbians, which we were, another fantastic channel is Girlfriends, where Arielle Scarcella vlogs about being single and gay in NYC. With videos uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Arielle covers a lot of subjects, some fairly NSFW but with over 34,000 subscribers and nearly 2 Million views she has built a solid and loyal audience base.

AGayCollab: Daily Videos For The LGBT Community

The AGayCollab channel is a joint venture by 8 content creators who bring you videos 7 days of the week. With nearly 3.5 Million views and 8,290 subscribers there is something for everyone here.

Davey Wavey:  Shirtless Gay YouTube Sensation

His words, not mine. But he’s not lying. Active on YouTube since 2006, the DaveyWavey channel has 386,721 subscribers and has notched up an impressive 119,181,162 views. A certified personal trainer, his videos garner consistently high views and engagement.

Love this one about that annoying ‘gay best friend’ stereotype…..

Shep689: A Gay In The Life

Will and RJ vlog about life as an openly gay couple who want to show the “entire internet just how normal a homosexual couple is and how they too enjoy eating food, reading books, and watching Desperate Housewives.” Not only are they active on YouTube (9.8 Million views and counting) but they run a great blog with a very supportive Q&A section.

Here’s Will’s mum – she’s awesome:


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