How To Learn Anything About Your YouTube Channel’s Performance

How To Learn Anything About Your YouTube Channel’s Performance

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In this week’s Creator’s Tip we are going to take a deep dive into YouTube Analytics to show you the options and features that let you compare any kind of data about your videos against another set of data so you can see just how well your content is doing for you. Last week we talked about traffic sources and how you can find out who is linking to you or embedding your videos on their site. That proved to be a really popular subject so we wanted to expand that further and show you some other reports that you can access. Many of you will probably be familiar with Analytics already but we want to help you take it to a whole new level:

Comparing Metrics Against Each Other To Find Out How Your Videos Have Performed

Before we begun, remember that you can always change your date ranges to give you as much data as you need. Clicking on Metrics > More Metrics gives you a huge range of reports to compare metrics within your chosen date range:

youtube analytics compare metrics

For example, you can compare views against comments to see when you get the most engagement. Sometimes it’s greatest in the hours after you upload or perhaps your content is a slow burner and engagement kicks in after a few weeks.

You can also compare views against subscribers to see if there is any correlation between the two. Perhaps you may come to the conclusion that more viewers subscribe when you post more videos – so that’s a good strategy to go forward with. Scrolling to the bottom of the page will give you information on your chosen comparison for individual videos.

compare metrics individual video

You can choose any category from the left hand menu and compare data against it. ‘Subscribers’ or ‘Traffic Sources’ for instance. If we choose ‘Subscribers’ we can check to see whether the amount of likes our videos have received has had any impact on Subscriber count.

Another little tip is to quickly measure how much of your subscriber traffic is coming from the web, rather than mobile devices or Connected TVs. Just click on ‘Traffic Sources’ then towards the top of the screen tick the check box for ‘Show only subscriber views (web only).

traffic sources web only

This will bring up a new chart and you’ll now be able to have a clearer picture of your subscribers’ behaviour when it comes to your video content.

Increase Your Watch Time Metric By Building Up Your Subscriber Base

We took a look at ‘Estimated Minutes Watched’ compared with ‘Views’ and could instantly determine that subscribers will  engage with your content and stay with it till the end which has an enormous impact on your watch time metric. Subscribers = great engagement = increased watch time = better YouTube ranking. Subscriber views may be significantly lower but they are a big contributory factor in your overall YouTube performance.

subscriber traffic youtube analytics

What have you learnt from using YouTube Analytics? Comment below.


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