5 Crazy Things You Can Learn From 5min of Online Video

5 Crazy Things You Can Learn From 5min of Online Video

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It’s the weekend and so we here at ReelSEO want to wind down and take it easy. Something came across our desk late Friday that talked about 5min.com and Answers.com teaming up. The deal is that 1,000 questions on Answers.com have been done up as videos. So I thought, what better way to relax than to find five craazythings you can learn with five minutes of online video. WARNING: ReelSEO does not actually suggest you do any of this. And if you do, we’re not responsible for what happens to you.

Let’s get it on!

First up, fire! Everyone loves fire right. I believe Beavis said it best when he said “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!” Sometimes, you need to throw some fire, I personally have a flamethrower, you might not. So you can make one (or at least a prop that looks like one.)

Of course that one won’t throw real flame, but if you’re making some video, it would make an awesome prop (I’m thinking about a series of videos: Flamethrower vs Everything).

Of course that prop flamethrower wouldn’t be very handy in a Zombie Apocalypse, but there just so happens to be some handy tips on Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse (yeah, I know, I couldn’t believe it either).

Personally, I would say choose three friends who aren’t very squeamish and go knock over your local hunting supplies shop. Then again, they might already be zombies so you could be S.O.L.

Of course, man’s best friend is always a classic choice during a zombie apocalypse. But what if trusty Fido was bitten and turns into a crazed, brain-eating zombie-dog!? OH NO! Poor Fido! well, you could always hypnotize him, with this video:

Well, that might even come in handy in real life, then again you could just run away from both the dogs and the zombies. But why not run away in style with some Parkour moves. At least it might distract whomever sees you from your screaming like a little girl…

Of course you might not be the running type. In fact you might just try to blend in and get by. Now just stumbling about and moaning isn’t going to do it, some zombies are quite clever. So I might suggest that you go all out in blending in. Here’s a way to look just like your favorite zombie and hopefully buy you enough time to pull out your dual pistols, or cricket bat, and make your escape.

Now there might never be a Zombie apocalypse but so what, at least you learned some cool stuff. Have a great weekend.


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