LeanIn Offers Up WhitePaper on Growing Streams and Audiences

LeanIn Offers Up WhitePaper on Growing Streams and Audiences

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I have been keeping an eye on LeanIn of late because anyway I look at it, interactivity is the future of online video. I like their system because it allows you to socialize in the video player or not. You can simply turn it all off if you don’t want to interact. It’s like shushing your friend in a movie theater and them actually shutting up. So LeanIn is sort of permanently on my RADAR.I’m not going to rehash the whole whitepaper, because I might as well just write one if I was going to do that. I’ll just pull out a few choice nuggets and point you in the direction of the whole thing. Not because I’m lazy but because I can appreciate the work that goes into one of those things.

The Whitepaper, which is titled “Increase Your Streams And Grow Your Audience” was written by Luke Davies at LeanIn and is mostly aimed at organizations that publish premium, long-form online video.

In regards to growing your video they offer insight into the most popular ways that people currently discover video.

The most popular ways of online video discovery are:

  1. In-person (or over-the-phone) conversations with friends & family
  2. Traditional advertising (bus shelters, billboards, TV ads, etc.)
  3. Search engines
  4. Referral from Facebook
  5. Referral from Twitter
  6. Email
  7. Recommendation from the video site they are currently watching (if you liked this, then you may also like…)

They then dig deeper into that and take a look at how to get your audience to engage more and watch more video. Now, they of course have a certain mindset in this matter which pertains to their product. That means that most of their thoughts are directly in line with what they are doing via the LeanIn service. That’s fair enough I suppose. Plus, I believe they might be on to something so I can’t argue with much of what they say.

Ways to increase audience online video viewing

  1. In-stream commenting
  2. In-stream discovery
  3. Bringing social networks inside the player
  4. Competition

For all the interesting insight in the whitepaper, head over to the LeanIn site and pull it down for yourself. It’s only ten pages so you can read it during your morning coffee, or your evening Jameson…


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