Late Night Best Time for Mobile Video Ad CTR, Completion Rate on Phones

Late Night Best Time for Mobile Video Ad CTR, Completion Rate on Phones

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The Mobile Marketing Association’s 2014 Mobile Video Benchmark Study offers some great insights into mobile video advertising including stats on completion rates and CTR for skippable and non-skippable mobile video ads. We have looked at Skippable Mobile Video Ad Completion Rates Low, CTR Near Non-skippable, and how Duration of Mobile Video Impacts CTR and Completion Rate Differently. Now let’s take a look at time of day impact on mobile video ad completion rates.

Mobile video advertising is the major driving force this year as tablets and smartphones continue to grow their market penetration. As per the methodology for the research, the MMA pulled together 559 million mobile video ad impressions from March of 2013 and broke them into skippable vs. non-skippable and linear video vs. interstitial vs. value exchange.

Impressions vs Completion Rate Per Hour

The number of impressions per hour hits a low point at around 4am with a lowly 3.8 million impressions roughly and then starts to steadily climb to its peak at 8pm with around 17 million impressions in the hour for smartphones. For tablets the rise and fall is far less dramatic with around 3M at 6am and just over 10M at 8pm.

mobile video ad impressions per hour per platform

Conversely, as those impressions start to slide through primetime and into the late night hours, completion rates jump some 20% and almost 25% over the majority of the day on phones and almost 30% for tablets. That is some pretty astounding differences in completion rates. From around 7am through till 11pm completion rates hover around 55% for smartphones and closer to 50-52% for tablets. But flip the calendar at midnight and they both hit 60% and start climbing for several hours.

mobile video ad completion rates per hour

So if you are hoping to raise your completion rates on your mobile video advertisements, you might try placing them just after 11pm and through to 5am. There may be less impressions but you should be paying for complete views versus impressions or ad starts anyway, especially if you are allowing ad skipping. You might be surprised at your click-through rate.

CTR Varies by Platform

CTR follows completion rate in the early hours on the smartphone, but not so much on tablets. CTR peaks at 2.5% around 3am and then dips below 1.5% for much of the work day before leveling out around 2% for the afternoon through primetime on phones.

However, on tablets, it’s a less bumpy ride. Midnight through early morning varies a bit from 1.1-1.5% but then a slow ascent begins around 6am and continues to put CTR around 2% for the majority of the day until primetime takes over and starts cutting into it.

mobile video ad ctr per hour

However, do not overdo it in regards to frequency because you will anger the users or cause ad blindness after about 10 views of your mobile video ad. So show it 6-10 times and you should get some CTR in return.

mobile video ad ctr vs frequency


The MMA, not being a research group, pulled together a wide array of partners to put this report today. Not only did they get ad data from the six MMA members mentioned earlier, they also used ImServices for data aggregation and normalization and analysis from Gerard Broussard from Pre-Meditated Media. They covered 559 million mobile ad impressions, the majority of which were in-app (75%), with 53% being on mobile and 32% on tablet (14% was unknown). iOS was more than 80% of all ads and Android was 18%. Non-skippable ads were the majority at 68%.

Most of the ads were linear video (65%), 17% were interstitial, 15% were value exchange (3% unknown). Over half (56%) were 15 seconds or less, one third were 16-30 seconds and just 8% were longer. The data was pulled from March 2013.

The report can be downloaded from the MMA site (registration required).


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