Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Video Enthusiast

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Video Enthusiast

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Let me guess. You’ve been so busy watching the latest viral videos and putting the best Vines on eternal autoplay that you forgot to buy Christmas gifts for the people in your life who live online video and everything about it, right? That’s ok, we at ReelSEO have got you covered with some last minute affordable gifts that are sure to blow their mind – or at least prevent them from killing you.

7 Amazing Gifts for the Video Creator & Enthusiast

#1 Mophie Powerstation

With the increased power demands of video on the go, the Mophie Powerstation is a great gift idea for under $80. This mobile power station charges Apple, Android, Blackberry (for those that just can’t let go) and virtually any other USB device you can think of in-between. If the person you’re shopping for is always on the go, this gift is invaluable!

mophie juice

#2 Kindle Reader

Know anyone who doesn’t have a Kindle? If you rush out today, Amazon is having a last minute sale on them for $59 AND you’ll still get it 2 day shipped in time for Christmas. For just another $40 you could upgrade to the Fire HD.

#3 SD Card / External Hard Drive

Video makers can never have enough SD cards or external hard drives. If you can get one in time, a high capacity class 10 SD card makes for a great last minute gift. Personally I’m a big fan of the WD My Passport 1TB HD. For only $69 for that much storage, they can organize all of their content using multiple drives that go anywhere.

#4 Gorilla Pod

For the creator who has everything, I bet they don’t have a Gorilla Pod yet. These little tripods help video makers get creative with their videos. They attach to all sorts of surfaces to provide fresh new angles for pictures and video that they may not have tried yet.


#5 Gaming Gifts

If you’re buying for a vlogger spice up the background set of their videos with something unique. If they are a gamer you could grab a Minecraft Torch or a Tetris Lamp. Just be creative and think of something simple that could add a little personality to the background of their videos. If your brain isn’t working right now, just default to the ever popular Subscribe pillow.

#6 YouTuber Books

For those who are really interested in the YouTube scene, what it’s like and how to succeed, you can’t go wrong with a book written by a YouTuber. John Green writes some exceptional novels, but you could always pre-order Shay Carl’s “Fat Dad, Fat Kid”, Grace Helbig’s “Grace’s Guide”, or “Girl Online” by Zoe Sugg.

#7 Drone/Quadcopter

If you have a little more money, grab the latest mid-level drone, like the DJI Inspire. They can reach some amazing angles and let’s be honest here, we all just want a flying camera for Christmas. Imagine all of the awesome videos you could make with one.

#8 That Last Minute Gift

Get them “A Christmas Story”. Yes, we’ve all seen it. All of us except our editor that is. I’m not sure if I trust her anymore after finding this out to be honest. As a matter of fact, she’ll probably make an edit right here or remove this point completely.

Of course if none of this sounds interesting, you could always go with one of those crazy gift of the month clubs or a gift card, but nothing beats a well thought out gift. Does it really matter if we did all the thinking for you?


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