Google’s Jon Klaff Affirms the Next Big Leap in Video Advertising: Igniting Customer Passion

Google’s Jon Klaff Affirms the Next Big Leap in Video Advertising: Igniting Customer Passion

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As Head of Media Solutions, Media & Entertainment at Google/YouTube, Jon Klaff gets to work with some amazing brands who are blazing a trail at the cutting edge of digital technology. He also gets to work with brands who aren’t moving quite so fast. At the 2014 ReelSummit, Jon delivered our opening keynote address – focused on the next big advances in advertising (with video), that he believes will help not only the big brands, but the smaller ones too. You can check out Jon’s keynote in the video below, and then read about some of the highlights of the presentation:

From Mass Consumption to Constant Partial Attention

Back in the day, television had a 100% share of the broadcast market. There literally wasn’t any competition, and the content didn’t even have to be any good, because it was watched anyway. And so were the commercials, almost anything could be shown and it was lapped up because consumers didn’t know any different. Take the case of cigarette advertising. It wasn’t questioned because smoking was the norm and of course it was OK to smoke around your children, because that’s what everyone did and the ads backed that up.

Baby boomers (like Jon) grew up in an era of mass media where TV content attracted views in the hundreds of millions. TV was a series of huge water cooler moments and advertisers were lapping everything up.

That worked then, but the advertising industry is still clawing its way out of the mass media age. These days, we are schizophrenic about the way we consume content. In 2014:

  • 77% of us watch TV while accessing another device
  • We check our mobile devices around 150 times a day
  • Video-gaming content is the fastest growing vertical
  • Kids are growing up with digital devices as second nature

constant partial attention

Advertisers Have to Multi-task Along With The Viewer

Because we live in a world of constant partial attention, advertisers cannot just “set it and forget it” anymore. We all “sell” the brands we are passionate about, that mean something to us. In fact, brands can matter more than ever but they have to tap into people. Emotional content that means something, that triggers particular feelings in the audience has the potential to get shared, and perhaps even go viral, but advertisers have to play within the new realities. And what are those new realities?:

over advertised

Brand Relationship Arc – What is The Level of Passion?

Advertisers need to connect with people – if the connection is authentic then many of those people will share the brands content for them. Jon introduced the concept of the ‘Brand relationship Arc’ to demonstrate how the audience interacts with your brand given their level of interest:

brand relationship arc

What’s The Next Big Leap for Video Advertising?

In a nutshell, every consumer has a personal relationship with a huge variety of brands, so advertising has to change from pushing out blanket coverage to understanding core segments. Brands need to find advocates to carry their message for them, and they need to understand that those advocates watch what they want to watch, on the devices that they want to use.

Would like to thank Jon for his insightful and compelling keynote presentation at ReelSummit 2014.

Visual Notes: The Next Big Leap for Video Advertising

We’d also like to say thank you to Rebeca Zuñiga, director of New Media Department at Universidad Francisco Marroquín for her excellent notes on Jon’s presentation:



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