Killer Robots And Mom Explains The Matrix [Fun Video Friday]

Killer Robots And Mom Explains The Matrix [Fun Video Friday]

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Hello, everyone.  It’s Friday, which means a whole new batch of amazing videos coming your way.  In this edition of Fun Video Friday, you’ll see a teddy bear have an operation, courtesy of ZeFrank.  You’ll also see a few killer robots, thanks to a creepy video on Vimeo and a summer blockbuster.  And I didn’t think Baha Men’s constantly-on-radio 1998 hit, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” had any soul, but one intrepid piano player is out to prove me wrong.  Also: Rhett & Link have made another down and dirty ad for a local business that embraces low tech.

Fun Video Friday: May 3

Pixels Per Second gets his mom to tell us how she perceived The Matrix after watching it the first time:

“Abe” is a simple tale of robot terror from Rob McClellan.  But by the end of it, avoiding seeing the traits it shares with humans is impossible:

Summer blockbuster Pacific Rim brings out the inner child in all of us.  In a world full of sequels, one movie may end up ruling us all (from WonderCon):

The Captain America shield as forged by Tony Swatton, Man at Arms, and the AWE ME channel:

Golden Moustache Video shows the difference between movies and real life (it’s in French, so be sure to turn on the English subtitles):

IBM made the “world’s smallest film” by using atoms in “A Boy and His Atom:”

I don’t think I could do this if you had me train as long as this girl has been alive to do anything close to what she’s doing here:

Matt Mulholland sings Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out” in a soulful rendition:

ZeFrank’s “Teddy Has An Operation” is a mixture of sweet and gross and WTF:

Speaking of sweet and gross and WTF, the Dove Beauty ad gets another parody (which signals you’ve “arrived” on YouTube)…this time, men describe their balls (some might find this offensive, but it’s pretty much too dopey to get angry about):

Sexy Pool Party became a mega-hit as soon as it was released on Tuesday, nailing down 6 million views already:

Fat Awesome Films followed up their huge hit “Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend” with a sequel:

Pet Curean has made a film for Tribeca called “Savour Every Moment,” which is a mesmerizing look at pets enjoying things in slow motion:

Rhett & Link go back to lo-fi commercial brilliance with “SHIFT IT” and Arlen’s Transmission in Burbank:

Improv Anywhere has a solution for people who walk and text: Seeing Eye People.

Be prepared to lose your mind watching these Hand Illusions from Willie Witte:

Veritasium shows that the “Vacuum is NOT Empty:”

VSauce asks, “Why Do We Kiss?”

As always, have a terrific Friday.


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