Kid Upset After Zoo Visit Going Viral, Should Be Made Zoo Spokesperson

Kid Upset After Zoo Visit Going Viral, Should Be Made Zoo Spokesperson

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We tend to write about video marketing, news, and tips.  But every now and then it’s good to take a short break and just enjoy a fun video.  And last night I stumbled upon a video that I just had to share.  It had 8,000 views, having been uploaded on the 25th of this month.  I made a note to share with you today, because the video is both hilarious and cute, and then I went to bed.  This morning the video has over 35,000 views.

The piece in question is a brief interview with a small child after his visit to the zoo.  Let’s just say the zoo visit didn’t go as well as he had been hoping, and he’s upset with some of his peers, particularly one girl named Harmony.  It seems they had more sway than Geoffry—the video’s star—did over what animals their group would see.  And the girls wanted to see “the gentle animals,” which meant they never got around to the otters that Geoffry really wanted to visit.  And boy is he ticked off about it… and animated.

You’re looking at a future lawyer or president or debate team leader here.  Watch his arms and his hands as he gestures emphatically, the way a much older individual might.  He’s actually very articulate for a 4-year-old.  This video will be on the home page of Yahoo soon… and MSN… and every other place that certified viral hits show up.  There’s no stopping it.  Take it to the bank.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times:  cute kids rule the Internet.  Long before David After Dentist, adorable munchkins were staking their claim in the history books of viral video, and they’ll be doing so as long as online video exists.

But there are lots of cute kids, right?  Every parent thinks their kid is the cutest thing ever.   And even though most of those parents are biased, there are still too many cute kids out there for them to all go viral.  It takes something exceptional… some added element that pushes the video over the top.  With the aforementioned David After Dentist, it was the loopy behavior and existential-like comments David made that combined with his cuteness to form a nuclear combination of popularity.

With this new video, it’s Geoffry’s passion.  He’s really burned up.  And he’s also one of the most articulate toddlers ever.  But it’s his demonstrative style of speaking—arms and hands flailing around punching and accentuating his arguments—that is really the secret viral ingredient here.  Most four-year-olds I’ve met don’t have this much to say in an entire day, let alone a couple minutes.

If I worked at that zoo–or any zoo for that matter–I’d be contacting Geoffry’s Dad as soon as possible to offer some kind of compensation in return for the rights to this video.  Then, I’d use it as a kickoff piece to an entire viral campaign filled with videos of disappointed kids who didn’t get to see their favorite exhibit as well as exuberant kids that did get to see the animals they came for.  Heck, I might just approach the zoo myself if I were the dad.  After seeing what David After Dentist’s dad has been able to do in terms of exposure and profit, I think you’re going to see more and more videos used for marketing that weren’t actually filmed for marketing.

Or maybe I just wanted some thinly veiled excuse to post one of my favorite videos in ages.


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