Use A Video: Your Kickstarter Project Is 85 Percent More Likely to Be Funded [Study]

Use A Video: Your Kickstarter Project Is 85 Percent More Likely to Be Funded [Study]

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MWP recently did a study on Kickstarter projects, comparing the hopeful projects that used video and the ones that didn’t.  First off, you should know that 56 percent of the projects don’t get funded on Kickstarter and 44 actually achieve funding.  MWP looked into 7,196 projects to see if video was a game-changer.  If you’re a frequent reader of this site or are in the video business in general, you already know the answer to this question.  If you’re just stumbling on this site for the first time…the answer is yes.  Video is a game-changer.  Projects with video are 85 percent more likely to be funded.

MWP’s Findings: When Projects Use Video on Kickstarter

This infographic says it all:

kickstarter video infographic

So, 48 percent of the group that used a video and achieved their funding goals.  Only 26 percent achieved their funding goals without one.

MWP also broke down which kinds of projects benefit the most from video.  In certain categories, video gave these projects a 120 percent or more increased chance of funding.  And you can see that almost every category (except Conceptual Art, by an eyelash) were given improved chances through video:

kickstarter breakdown

So there you have it.  An engaging video can go a long way to helping achieve your goal.  It doesn’t mean a 100 percent guarantee, nothing does…but it does increase your chances greatly.


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