Three Key Reasons To Attend The Reel Video Marketing Summit

Three Key Reasons To Attend The Reel Video Marketing Summit

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There are three key reasons why you should attend the Reel Video Marketing Summit, which will be held July 25-26, 2013, in San Francisco.

So, if you haven’t been imprisoned for holding up a gas station to cover the band’s room service tab, then you should head over to The Westin San Francisco Market Street Hotel and listen to the celebrity speakers. Or, as Curtis told the Blues Brothers, “You boys could use a little churching up. Slide on down to the Triple Rock, and catch Rev. Cleophus. You boys listen to what he’s got to say.”


Compelling Content

The first key reason to attend is the compelling content. Most one-day conferences feature only one keynote speaker. But, the Reel Video Marketing Summit features two who will cost-justify your attendance all by themselves.

The opening keynote speaker is Suzie Reider, the Director of Media Solutions at Google.  Over the past 6½ years at Google she has run the YouTube and Display sales organizations – building the base of Google’s non-search revenue.

Suzie was hired as the CMO of YouTube in summer of 2006 and prior to that served as Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Games and Entertainment Division of CNET Networks (now owned by CBS).  Before joining CNET Networks, she spent 14 years with Ziff-Davis publishing where she worked on various tech and video gaming publications and web properties.

Bloomberg interviewed Suzie last year about viewer and marketer interest in online advertising for the Super Bowl and the outlook for online video ads.

The keynote speaker at lunch is Jim Louderback, who was recruited to Revision3 as the CEO in July 2007, and has guided the company to a 20-fold increase in viewers, a 12x increase in revenue, 39 new distribution partners and 9 prestigious company and show awards. In 2012 he sold the company to Discovery Communications and now runs Revision3 as a division of Discovery.

Prior to that, Jim served as senior vice president and chief content officer for Ziff Davis Media’s Consumer group, along with being Editor in Chief of PC Magazine. Before that he was a senior member of the launch team at cable network ZDTV, and guided its transformation into TechTV. He also ran editorial operations at special-interest newspapers and magazines.

ReelSEO interviewed Jim last year about cow paths and old media moving online.

I worked with Suzie and Jim back at Ziff-Davis and they’re both “wicked smart,” as we’d say in Boston, or “hella good,” as they’d say in San Francisco. You’ll want to listen to what they’ve got to say.

Unique Content

The second key reason to attend is unique content. If you look over the rest of the agenda for the Reel Video Marketing Summit, you’ll see more experts than you can shake a stick at.

Now, I haven’t heard all the speakers before, which is why I’m planning to attend. But, I have met three of them and can personally vouch for their expertise in unique areas.

For example, Will Keenan, the VP of Vertical Development and Network Programming at Maker Studios, will be speaking at the session on Video Metrics that Matter and The Tools I Wish I’d Created. Will has signed, launched and/or partnered dozens of channels garnering over 100 million views per month, including Emmy-nominated actress/comedienne Margaret Cho (“In Transition”, her 1st web series).

In addition, Devra Prywes, Marketing Director, Americas, at Unruly Media, will be speaking at the session on Making Your Videos Famous – The Science of Sharing & Video Diffusion. Devra is launching Unruly’s public presence in the United States, has made multiple live appearances on Fox News speaking about viral videos, and is a regular guest blogger for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

Finally, Brett Wilson, the CEO of TubeMogul, will be speaking at the session on Online Video Advertising Best Practices. Under his leadership TubeMogul has grown revenues over 300% annually since inception and attracted world class board members, investors and employees. Brett is a recognized thought leader in the digital video advertising industry and speaks regularly at conferences including OMMA, AdTech and StreamingMedia.

Hearing from just these three speakers is worth the price of admission. And there are more than 20 other experts who will also be speaking at the 2013 Video Marketing Summit. You’ll also want to listen to what they’ve got to say.

Entertaining or Informative Content

The third key reason to attend is the entertaining or informative content. In advance of the summit, there’s a pre-summit training workshop that will tackle the question, “How do I get the best out of YouTube?” There is an additional fee to attend this YouTube Marketing Best Practices Workshop, which will run from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. – and includes lunch.

I’m one of the three speakers, but I can’t disclose any of the hands-on tips and best practices that we’ll be sharing about YouTube SEO and TrueView ads. However, I can disclose our mission: We want our training workshop to have the same impact on participants that the Church Speech by Rev. Cleophus had on the Blues Brothers.

In conclusion, the three key reasons to attend the Reel Video Marketing Summit are: (1) compelling content, (2) unique content, and (3) entertaining or informative content.

Do you see the light?


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