Kaltura Offers Native Video App for Out-of-the-Box Video Portal

Kaltura Offers Native Video App for Out-of-the-Box Video Portal

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Kaltura has gone native with its new Native Mobile App, which is now available on iOS and Android via their respective stores. It’s built on HTML5 and was made to offer optimal delivery of all forms of video. But that’s not all! Not only does the Kaltura Native Mobile application allow users to browse and view video but it also allows uploading of captured video, both live and prerecorded. It’s a single piece of software for a full-featured social video platform on mobile devices. The mobile app ties into the MediaSpace platform, Kaltura’s out-of-the-box video portal and ties mobile users to the platform so they can be in touch at all times.

The app allows for rebranding and skinning so that it matches up with the brand experience and presence elsewhere, for example on the web-based video portal so the entire experience is consistent.  It also lets users upload images, audio and video through either wi-fi or 3G. If the connection disappears before the upload is complete it will resume the upload later. It can also download videos for offline viewing meaning that users aren’t necessarily tied to the platform in order to view content.

The app is designed mostly for three types of usage, media, enterprise and education. In the media use case it can be used to allow for real-time reporting in the field either by journalists or by citizen journalists.

Kaltura MediaSpace

Enterprise use examples include training videos anytime, meeting minutes, and product sample videos. On the education side it could be recorded lectures or, for the science oriented, laboratory and experiment procedures.

Here’s A Quick Look At Some Of Its Other Capabilities

  • Mobile notifications – send users updates on live events, upcoming videos and more
  • Live broadcasting from users’ mobile devices
  • App Store presence and optional customized branding
  • DRM & content controls for maximum security of content distribution
  • All features complement the existing features in the Kaltura MediaSpace Technology.

You can download the app, listed as MediaSpace from Kaltura, and check out the demo, no login required. It gives you a basic idea of what the app can do


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