Kaltura Grows A Longtail

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kaltura-longtailEveryone remembers that Kaltura makes the first open source online video platform right? The Kaltura Community Edition. Well now they’re beginning to expand that with new deals, this time around it’s with LongTail video, the open source video player.

You might also remember, if you’re a loyal ReelSEO reader, that I personally had some implementation problems with the stand alone JW Player way back when, but it being integrated into a fully functional and fully open source platform should fix those types of problems for many.

“We are empowering users of JW Player with advanced video management functionalities and services at the base price that they already know and love – ZERO,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO. “In the past, many publishers were content with the ability to publish their videos using a free video player, but today most of them also want to manage and moderate their content, create playlists, customize their players, syndicate their clips, create and analyze usage reports, and enable their viewers to contribute and edit content.  With Kaltura’s video platform they can do all that and more.”

So now you can get a fully customizable, skinnable open source video player built right into a full open source video platform. If that’s not enough the LongTail player also brings with it their AdSolution which means you have monetization built into it as well. This is also great news if you, like me, don’t have your own content being generated for your YouTube channel which means you can’t join to be a partner and can’t show ads and earn revenue. Now you can take it all in-house and start showing ads and creating a new revenue stream.

This is also great for those of you who might be paying for a monthly service that is giving you everything that you can now get for free from Kaltura/LongTail.  LongTail Video is offering free sign-up to the Kaltura video platform to users that download the JW Player at www.longtailvideo.com.

Kaltura’s platform has been integrated by more than 38,000 publishers to date, with hundreds joining every week. JW Player is used by over one million sites and streams billions of videos every month.

This is an interesting announcement and is going to require me to go download, install and monkey about with the platform so that I can fully report back to you. Honestly, it looks like a great deal and I truly think it could be worth the time to get it up and running for many of us. With it being open source that means it’s low cost and there’s an avid development community building around it. Sometimes it means more work to get it running and stay running right, but in the long run wouldn’t you rather be relying on yourself than on someone else? I will try to get this setup over the weekend and throw together a demo for you next week. If anyone is already using the free Kaltura platform feel free to drop a link in comments so that others can check it out as well.

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