JW Player Partners With Vid.ly To Simplify Video Across All Devices

JW Player Partners With Vid.ly To Simplify Video Across All Devices

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Regular readers of ReelSEO will know that we are fans of both JW Player and Vid.ly. The news this week that they have partnered, so that users can now use Vid.ly with JW Player, will be well received by many. If you’re unfamiliar with the Vid.ly offering here’s a great review by Christophor Rick. So what are the Vid.ly benefits to users of JW PLayer? In a nutshell it means that in one step you can enable video playback for everyone.

It takes guesswork out of encoding profiles for HTML5 browsers, smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes and connected TVs, and keeps up with the latest mobile devices and browsers on the market. All video content is cached and delivered from a distributed network of edge servers and gives the choice of the Akamai or Amazon CloudFront CDN networks.

Vid.ly includes a database of over 6,000 mobile devices, tablets and browsers mapped to multiple formats to ensure successful and optimized playback across iOS, web, Android and other platforms. Their embed code detects a user’s device, browser to deliver right video file for instant download.

vidly video platform

The Vid.ly API includes features for Automation, HD, Analytics, Security, CSS Customization, and custom encoding outputs.

To summarize – this is what it will mean:

  • Vid.ly with the JW Player delivers optimized video to every device / browser.
  • Player configuration is available through the Encoding.com UI or Vid.ly API.
  • Enhanced functionality for video embeds and rich video-page interactions via the JW Player API.
  • Switch an entire library over to the JW Player on-the-fly.
  • CDN hosted player and updated regularly, eliminating manually player updates.
  • Player customization using CSS or XML uploads.
  • Choice of responsive or fixed resolution embed codes.
  • Google Analytics and Token Based Authentication are available with VAST, VPAID, and Google IMA ad network integrations.

There’s no shortage a choice of video players on the market such as videojs.com and videolan.org but they will struggle to match the combined, multi-feature, low cost solution now being delivered by the JW- Vid.ly combination


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