Jesse The Dog Wins YouTube’s 2nd On-The-Rise Competition

Jesse The Dog Wins YouTube’s 2nd On-The-Rise Competition

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YouTube has announced the winner of the second On The Rise competition, which is designed to help fledgling channels get some much needed exposure on the video site’s home page.  We gave you the rundown on the finalists last week, and now the votes are compiled and the winner announced.  It’s JustJesse197.

JustJesse197 is a channel that features the tricks and antics of a lovable—and brilliant—Jack Russell Terrier named Jesse.  The charming pooch beat out corycotton (the YouTube channel for basketball trick-shot group Dude Perfect), ShowMeTheCurry (a cooking show featuring lessons on Indian cuisine), and tjw1963 (a crochet instruction channel).

In case you’re unfamiliar, here’s a sample video from JustJesse197’s channel:

The human being behind Jesse’s antics is a woman named Heather, who very clearly loves animals in general, and Jesse in particular:

“Jesse and I have a wonderful relationship, and we have got where we are now through love, respect, patience, mutual understanding, and trust. Tricks are a wonderful bonding experience. It is so much fun seeing Jesse thinking while learning, and he has so much fun performing his tricks. We keep training sessions short, fun, and upbeat. You can tell when Jesse is having fun because he has a huge smile across his face :) He is such a joy to live with, and I cherish every moment we have together.”

So now Heather and Jesse will have a shot at real Internet fame and success, because the winner of the On The Rise contest gets some of their videos featured on the home page.  And unless you’re living in a cave, you know that a home page spotlight at YouTube is something of a Golden Ticket to potential viewers and subscribers.

The only way to win the On The Rise contest is to have a sharp increase in subscribers while still having fewer than 100,000.  Granted, it’s easier said than done.  But On The Rise is designed to reward channels that are already doing things right.  It’s not intended as a chance gift for an under-performing channel, but rather as a bonus… recognition from YouTube that you’re already doing well and are deserving of a little extra shot of exposure.

On The Rise is a monthly program, and YouTube typically announces the finalists once a month, allowing a week for voting to occur.  If you’re already over 100,000 subscribers, you won’t be able to qualify… but then again, if you’re over 100,000 subscribers, you’re probably doing alright for yourself anyway, right?


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