July Biggest Month Ever for Online Video, Hulu Tops Time Warner Cable

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July was a big month all around for online video (according to comScore) but perhaps it was the biggest month yet for Hulu who, according to various research, surpassed Time Warner in viewership during the month. Could this be the turning point for the cable giant or is it just a fluke due to lack of interesting things to see?

The July 2009 numbers are out and the industry is a-boomin’! comScore is once again ranking the top ten video properties on the web and it’s another interesting month with a record 158 million viewers in the US watching some 21.4 billion videos overall. Both records in their own rights since the dawn of online video tracking.

Who’s on Top?

The top ten sites generally change very little. Google (and YouTube) still lead the way with a 42% share of the market and almost 9 billion videos viewed in the month. YouTube of course is the majority of that video viewership. Meanwhile Viacom lands in second place with a meager 812 million views. OK, it’s not so meager and it is second place. Microsoft slid in ahead of FOX and pulled in the bronze for the month with about 631 million videos.

As I said FOX didn’t get to the podium but came in a healthy 4th with just under 560 million videos seen on the month, a full 100 million over 5th place Hulu. However, Hulu topped major competitor Turner Network’s online properties. So that means Viacom, Hulu and then Turner. An interesting lineup. Turner pulled in just under 391 million to take 6th place for the month.

The rest of the top ten shape up like this – Yahoo (375M), Disney Online (170M), CBS (150M) and in tenth ABC with 138M. Who’s missing? Well it’s NBC! Of course since they’re part of Hulu I guess they’re not totally absent, but some of the other owners of Hulu are ranking their own sites in the top ten also so NBC is behind the curve.

Now if you head over to Silicon Alley Insider, who have compiled some interesting data into a nifty graph, you’ll see that Hulu surpassed Time Warner Cable as well. Is DirecTV next on Hulu’s hit list?

Alright so enough with the video content sites, let’s check in on the video ad networks shall we?

Who’s hitting the most viewers (potentially)?

In the more tumultuous video ad network charts the numbers shook out like this (ad network – potential unique viewers):

  1. ScanScout – 80M
  2. Tremor Media – 71.2M
  3. YuMe Video – 68M
  4. Broadband Enterprises – 62.7M
  5. BrightRoll – 62.4M
  6. Advertising.com video – 53.8M
  7. SpotXchange – 47.4M
  8. Break Media – 36.3M
  9. Nabbr – 20M

Who’s pushing the most ads?

Oddly, while Tremor popped up number 2 in viewers, they delivered the most videos 21.1% while BrightRoll rolled up 2nd with 17.4%. So it seems that while ScanScout is hitting the most people, they are serving up something less than ideal ad numbers. Tthe average viewer watched an astounding 500 minutes, 8.3 hours or just over how long people watch TV in a day. US average: 58 hours per week/7 days = 8.28. So online video is certainly not king even if Hulu beat Time Warner Cable for the month, the cable viewers are still watching a much longer amount of video and in regards to advertising that still a place to sink a lot of cash.

YouTube still seems to be the place to try to get ads dropped as the average viewer there takes in about 74 videos a month and Hulu only about 12, about 6 minutes per video in length according to the 1 hour 13 minute running time. That seems quite short for a place that is supposed to be pushing TV episodes. But considering the average online video viewed was about 3.7 minutes I guess that’s fairly long.


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