Jonathan Paula: Behind The Reel Advice for Succeeding on YouTube [Interview]

Jonathan Paula: Behind The Reel Advice for Succeeding on YouTube [Interview]

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Welcome to a new episode of ‘Behind the Reel’, a show that takes a ‘reel’ look behind some of the names and faces that have shaped online video. This week, we interview Jonathan Paula, a professional YouTuber perhaps best known for his role as creator of the hit Web series “Is It A Good Idea to Microwave This?” and other series including “Movie Night” and “The World According to Jon“. Jonathan’s YouTube channel, Jogwheel, has over 730 thousand subscribers, and over 330,303,000 million video views. The Jogwheel network has a combined total of over 1 million subscribers. Please give a warm welcome to Jonathan as he gives ReelSEO readers tips for succeeding on YouTube.

How to Succeed On YouTube

jogwheelReelSEO: What are your top tips for video marketers and YouTube content creators?

Jonathan Paula: If I only had to give one tip to video creators, it would be to read the YouTube Creator Playbook. It’s an incredibly valuable resource that not enough people know about. It’s something that I wish I had know about it 8 years ago!

jogwheelReelSEO: How to you predict what the emerging trends are going to be, and how do you capitalize on those trends?

JP: I can’t predict emerging trends, I don’t think anyone can. I can only try and ride the wave the only way I know how to, and try and stay afloat in this new media marketplace. It’s not about predicting trends, it’s about keeping up with them as they happen.

That’s it for this episode of ‘Behind The Reel’. A huge thank you to Jonathan for his time, and to our viewers for watching. You can subscribe to the Jogwheel YouTube Channel below:


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