Jeremy Allaire of BrightCove – Video Will Be Ubiquitous

Jeremy Allaire of BrightCove – Video Will Be Ubiquitous

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We interviewed Jeremy Allaire, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Brightcove at the Streaming Media West 2009 show and talked with the online video industry thought leader about his company’s vision that video would become as ubiquitous and pervasive as text on the web.

What we’ve seen happening over the last year is this incredible growth in the number of organizations and corporations, of all types, of all industries, of all sectors of societies, embracing video to enhance what they are doing on the web.  I think it really reflects that the fact that end users on the Internet in this broadband age, in the online video era, expect that kind of content and respond really well to it.

Music to my ears ;-)

That is actually, in part, what led us to launch BrightCove Express…  It really reflects that belief that every website, every professional website, will have a video project, and we need a place for them to start.

For those of you who may not know, just before the show last month, BrightCove surprised some in the online video industry with the announcement of a new offering in conjunction with the major release of Brightcove 4. This new offering, called BrightCove Express, is an entry-level version of the BrightCove platform targeted at small and medium sized enterprises which starts at only $99/mo with no annual contract.  You can learn more about BrightCove Express and even sign up for a free trial here.

…There’s easy ways to just put a player up on a site, but increasingly, the opportunities in online video are more and more complex; not just having a great user experience, but how do you tap into social media, how do you get your content to other devices, how do you understand and analyze what is happening within that video?  … what we’ve tried to do is take all that learning, package it up into an easy to adopt, self-service product, that really anyone who is familiar with basic web and web publishing technologies can use and adopt.

Jeremy Allaire delivered the keynote address,”Setting the Stage for 2010 and the Future of Online Video”, at the Online Video Platform Summit which occurred in conjunction with the Streaming Media West 2009 show.  You can  watch his keynote, which was streamed live during the show, below:

Thank you Jeremy for taking the time to speak with us at ReelSEO :-)

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