Iron Man 3 Ends the Right Way and Epic Manliness: Fun Video Friday

Iron Man 3 Ends the Right Way and Epic Manliness: Fun Video Friday

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Another nice batch of videos for everyone this Friday, where we learn that early tribes didn’t have a problem with that same-sex thing, until they found out what that means when people do it all the time.  How It Should Have Ended takes on Iron Man 3 in typically hilarious fashion.  Vsauce is all over this week’s FVF, including guest appearances with James May.  And Rhett & Link have an “Epic Rap Battle of Manliness,” especially since the real Epic Rap Battles guys are now in the off-season.  Sit back, or lean back, or whatever you do.  Tons of videos are heading your way.

Fun Video Friday for May 31

Mr. Iron Potato, a channel that just joined YouTube this week, focuses on the difficulty of early-days population growth in the hilarious  “Samesies:”

HISHE shows us how Iron Man 3 should have ended:

Guys, it’s always better to listen to your girlfriend/wife rather than trying to solve the problem.  Even if that problem is a nail in the head (from Jason Headley):

Rhett & Link have an “Epic Rap Battle of Manliness:”

“Conversations with My 2 Year Old” Episode 1 was a big hit last week.  Here’s part 2:

Another part 2.  “Trick Shot Titus” is back, with Jimmy Kimmel this time:

Jon Lajoie has a great idea for a Kickstarter campaign: simply becoming super-rich (some bad language):

Stony’s World does an all-real-world-sounds cover of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us:”

“Metalrr5” plays the guitar riffs he believes are the “top 30 of the 2000s:”

Red Bull, as they do, team up with Valery Rozov in the world’s highest base jump off Everest:

You think you can jump?  Take a look at these Kenyan high jumpers at a high school track meet:

Buzzfeed takes a look at what’s going to happen to the internet in the next 60 seconds:

ASAP Science looks at “The Human Mating Call:”

Minute Physics asks, “Can Humans Really Feel Temperature?”

Vsauce asks, “Why Do We Feel Nostalgia?”

Oh, Vsauce’s Michael Stevens and James May weren’t done in that video.  In HeadSqueeze they ask, “Can music make you smarter?”

As always, have an amazing Friday.


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