iPhone Ad Networks Spring Up, Video Ads To Follow?

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iphone logoI’m sure you’ve all heard of that gadget called the iPhone. It’s all the rage with…well just about everyone these days it seems.

That interest is spreading to include advertisers and why not? With millions of units sold, a nice big touch screen and great video and audio quality it’s a perfect handheld advertising platform. At least two ad networks have sprung up that are targeted for the iPhone audience, Jumptap and AdMob.

jumptap logoBuilding on their pre-existing Search Engine, JumpTap has built on a new advertising service. The service can be integrated right into the mobile carrier’s interface giving it the possibility to come into widespread use quickly. While mobile has in the past been mostly static text, things have changed and with the 3G data speeds increasing it means the advertising pipeline is also expanding.

Currently JumpTap offers:

  • Banners
  • Interstitials
  • Paid Search
  • Sponsored Calls

They don’t explicitly mention video ads at present but with the expansion of the mobile device market and screen sizes it’s only a matter of time I’m sure. A request for comment on upcoming video advertising plans was left unanswered by them.

admob logoAdMob is reportedly the world’s largest mobile advertising marketplace. With clients like CBS Mobile, Electronic Arts, Ford, Proctor & Gamble and Coca-Cola one might be inclined to believe them.

The iPhone specific area of AdMob is diverse and impressive. They currently offer eight different classes of ads including:

  • Video – Point people to pre-existing ad content
  • Maps – Drive users to your retail location
  • iTunes – Sell your music, games and more
  • Call – Initiate a call right from the ad itself
  • Web – Mobile sites, landing pages, videos and more
  • Audio – From ad to audio file with one tap
  • Canvas – Action: Canvas expands to the full screen size and allows for interaction
  • App Store – Promote your goods on the App Store with one touch interaction

AdMob also offers search engine ad placement with sponsored results and contextual ads. A brief email from Jason Spero who takes care of Marketing at AdMob confirmed that at this time that they “have no plans to take on pre-roll type video ads.” If they’re truly the world’s largest, I would imagine them to have some form of video in the works.

That’s a Wrap

Neither service offers full on video advertising at present but it’s not such a leap to go from where they are to it. Both services offer campaign strategies and metrics, targeting and analytics.

The iPhone advertising market will most likely expand as rapidly as the device’s popularity has and numerous other advertising networks are going to be getting into the game. The first that offers a complete iPhone video ad service might just be the most successful. Since both JumpTap and AdMob are already in the market it might benefit them the most to start doing the legwork and get a jump on the incoming competitors before it’s too late and the mob overtakes them.


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