iPhone 3Gs Mobile Video Capabilities – Recording, Editing, Publishing and Streaming?

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iphone-3.0-newIn the past, we covered mobile video apps for the iPhone 3G and we’ve talked about the iPhone’s built-in support for HD video.  For those of you that are unaware, Apple is working on new software for the iPhone (version 3.0) which is expected to be released this summer.  According to many articles we’ve been reading and screenshots that we’ve seen, the new iPhone 3.0 promises several enhancements specifically with regard to mobile video.

Video Recording and Capture

iphone video recording interfaceAs for video recording, we’ve found a few screenshots, including the one at the top of this post from MacRumors which seem to indicate Apple’s intentions to include video capture and video recording capabilities with the new iPhone software as well as future iPhone models.  iphone 3 beta videoThe screenshot shows a switch on the bottom of the iPhone camera interface for switching between still camera and video recording.  MacRumors states that the functionality is not currently present in the iPhone 3.0 beta.  Apparently they were able to get this interface to appear only after configuration files were modified such that the firmware was told that a video camera was present.

Additionally, the screenshot on the right posted on Boy Genius Review shows a possible folder view in which you may be able to see videos that have been recorded, similar to the current “photos” folder on the iPhone.

Video Uploading & Publishing

upload-video-iphoneAs for uploading and publishing videos,Engadget Mobile discovered an interesting screenshot from the 3.0 beta OS that is labeled “Upload Video”. The screen reportedly appears when you try to upload photos to MobileMe.  According to the post at Engadget, it is possible that the “publish video” text is a “typo.”  However, given the other evidence for mobile video recording, along with the incredible growth in popularity of online video and mobile video, it makes sense to us that Apple would focus on this and it would certainly be a welcome enhancement.

It has been discovered that there is also driver support for new Broadcom Wi-Fi chips suggesting that the next iPhone may add support for 802.11n which would make the task of publishing video much more feasible.

Video Editing – iPhone meet iMovie?

Some new user interface elements discovered in the 3.0 beta OS seem to indicate that video editing tools may also be available.  If, in fact, Apple is going to provide video recording and publishing capabilities, it certainly makes sense that they may also offer some form of limited video editing functionality.

The following screenshot, which shows the UIimages folder,  contains files which seems to indicate editing, scrubbing and clip functions that could be available in the next version of the iPhone’s firmware.

iphone video editing

Video Streaming?

If you look at the new SDK features they talk about things like peer-to-peer and iPod files access straight from apps.  If you were to creatively combine those two with video recording features, you’d suddenly have streaming video from an iPhone App. It also has external hardware connectivity with ‘Made for Apple iPhone’ connectivity which could become a whole slew of things. Without joining the Apple iPhone 3.0 SDK program there’s no telling what else will be available.

Apple is expected to release the final version of iPhone 3.0 this summer, possibly in the June/July timeframe.  Some are saying that Apple may introduce an updated iPhone as well that could have a 32GB &64GB model, a faster processor, and even a 3.2-megapixel or 5 megapixel sensor.

Darn – I just upgraded from the 2G to the 3G last month – Arghhh.  Oh well, if it all works out as we expect, then Ill certainly beg someone for the money ;-)

Potential kudos to Apple.


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