Auction-Style Marketplace for Video Production – MediaMobz Interview

Auction-Style Marketplace for Video Production – MediaMobz Interview

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Back in November, we had the pleasure of being the media sponsor for the Kelsey Group’s ILM:08 (Interactive Local Media) conference.  Prior to the conference, I had heard about an interesting new startup called MediaMobz that is focused around creation of an auction-style online marketplace to connect filmmakers with businesses looking for video production resources. 

What interests me most about this idea is that it is really focused on providing transparency to businesses as to the filmmakers themselves. Often times when working with unfamiliar filmmakers from a network, it is difficult to determine whether they are truly talented filmmakers, or mere amateurs interested in becoming filmmakers.  When a small or medium sized business looks to produce custom video assets, usually, they must rely on a talented and experienced filmmaker to walk them through the process, essentially acting as both a filmmaker and director.

I’ve asked other filmmaker networks how they determine the right fit between a client and a potential filmmaker.  For the most part, Ive been told that only a small subset of filmmakers are even in the running for a job based off the company’s previous experience with those filmmakers.  Other than that, there seems to be little in the way of transparent, qualitative and quantitative measurement tools to evaluate filmmakers for certain jobs.

filmmaker mapWith Mediamobz, businesses can search for filmmakers, view their previous work and reels, ratings, reviews, etc….  to determine if that filmmaker is a good fit.  Furthermore, businesses can post a project to receive bids from filmmakers in order to arrive at the most affordable custom video production, from filmmakers who’s experience is transparent.

We caught up with the Founder and CEO of MediaMobz, Dave Toole for an on-camera interview where Dave talked to us about the business model behind MediaMobz and their plans for the future.  Currently, the site is live and is in Beta with approximately 1400 filmmakers nationwide in the program.  Dave tells us that they have run a few hundred jobs through they system, including jobs for Comcast, local SMB’s, music videos with product placement and long form television content.

“…In essence what we are doing is were trying to provide the producer a way to market themselves. And so our focus is fully on the production side, we are not distracted by distribution.  There are plenty of other people that do that well and we want to be the go-to destination, maybe for Turnhere and Spotrunner as well!”

MediaMobz will officially launch sometime in the first quarter of 2009 and Dave tells us to expect several announcements sometime in January.

If you are a filmmaker, there are currently only 3 projects open for bidding, but expect many more in the coming months. Sign-up at MediaMobz


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