Panasonic Viera Twists Internet Connected TV With Cloud-Based Apps

Panasonic Viera Twists Internet Connected TV With Cloud-Based Apps

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Every single major TV manufacturer, and probably some you’ve never heard of, will most likely have some sort of Internet connected TV soon. If not this year, then definitely next year. If you ask me who is winning, I would say Samsung. But that hasn’t deterred others from doing it, nor should it as that is the spice of life, competition. Well, business life anyway.

As I’ve said in the past, my Samsung fandom doesn’t come from actually owning their products, which is strange, I know. The thing I don’t like is their pricing, ergo I don’t have their gear. However, they do have a cohesive plan for screen convergence which is why I like them.

Panasonic is ready to beef up their connected TV presence, but with a twist. Instead of downloading apps to the TVs you can simply keep them up on the cloud and access them from there. While I can see some pros and cons to it, I think it’s a good way to differentiate themselves and perhaps might even be how all of them go in the future.

It certainly cuts down on network traffic overhead. I swear every day when I wake up my Android has to download updates to applications. It would be nice if that was eliminated. Panasonic’s Viera TVs won’t have that problem thanks to their server-based app plan. Sometimes I get sick of the cloud nomenclature though I know it comes from old network diagrams, it just sounds silly to me sometimes when I know it’s just a server farm or CDN (content delivery network, which is like a spider web of connected nodes that deliver the content).

But I digress. Again, Viera was already available in more than 100 countries but they’ve just put some finishing touches to make it easier for developers to make those new TV-baseds social networks, games, VOD services and more.

You can view the Panasonic Viera site for developers here.


  • Fast start up time – no need to download
  • Always using the latest version of the app
  • Better version control for developers
  • Quicker fixes when problems emerge
  • Faster content updates


  • Network outage means no apps
  • Poor network connection could affect usability
  • App discovery? (not sure how they’re going to do it. Will you have a dashboard with favorited apps or what?)

I wonder if they allow live-streaming apps. The new SNL is made for the web?

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