An Interesting Look Into Funny Or Die [Video]

An Interesting Look Into Funny Or Die [Video]

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TechCrunch’s Ryan Lawler recently went to comedy video platform Funny or Die’s production house and got to take a tour.  While the workspace at Funny or Die is pretty much like any other office, it’s worth paying attention to the philosophy they have when it comes to video.  When Lawler talks to CEO Dick Glover, pay attention.  There’s some really smart video knowledge heading your way.  If you feel like you have video content that can survive away from YouTube, listen to Glover.

Now, certainly, Funny or Die had quite the advantage when it came to launching this platform, as they had Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s production company help launch it.  But as we all know, celebrity doesn’t mean too much when it comes to success with video.  It’s great content, and getting people to watch that content.

TechCrunch’s Tour Through the Halls of Funny or Die

I like that Funny or Die continues to be on shoestring budget and pretty much just wings it when it comes to shooting video (by the way, most people can’t just wing it, they need a plan). They hint about wanting to get better production value at some point, but they really don’t need to do that…ever, really.

I also like their explanation as to how they can get so many celebrities to do videos for them. These big actors that show up get to do “whatever they want,” according to Glover (in addition to the occasional celebrity who just wants to push a new movie or something). He tells Lawler that if the video fails, it’s sort of a “So what? It’s just a silly video I did.” But if it takes off, then they’re a part of something special and it boosts their celebrity even more.

But ultimately the reason why I’m sharing this video today is because of Glover’s comments at the end. He talks about a competitor coming in a few years ago who decided they were going to put their videos everywhere. And despite having twice the consumption, Funny or Die made like 8 times the profit, because they kept the videos on their platform and had control over the revenue.

Give the video a look. It’s got some valuable insight.


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