Free Interactive Video for All – Veeple Launches Interplay

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interactivity-playBack in June, I wrote about some survey results published by Marketing Sherpa where 73% of video marketers indicated that interactive video functionality has a positive effect on the effectiveness of a video ad message (again, I wonder about the other 27% but…).  At ReelSEO, we know that incorporating interactivity within video is one of the best ways to bolster and measure conversion for a business or marketing objective. Interactivity, when done properly, can also lead to an increase in viewer engagement.  As evidenced by the survey results, online video marketers want more interactive video functionality.

Today, Veeple has announced the ability for online video marketers and content owners (even those that are already set-up with a video platform infrastructure) to add Veeple’s interactive video feature set through a new, FREE API dubbed, Veeple “Interplay.”

“We know that Veeple customers are experiencing the power of interactivity in their videos and are seeing phenomenal engagement rates, at some points, up to 63%, well above the industry average,” said Scott Broomfield, CEO and co-founder of Veeple.  “Due to numerous requests by potential customers who have already invested in their own video environments but need interactivity to give a boost to their video content, we have decided to provide access to our entire interactive library via our interPlay API.”

I think that this is a bold and welcome move from the folks at Veeple.  The online video platform space is a crowded one (to say the least) and although Veeple has a competitive video platform that can be used to manage, host, and deliver video, they ultimately understand that their USP (unique selling proposition) is their interactivity and associated engagement metrics feature set.  As a result, they have created this API so that others can now benefit from this interactivity and analytics without the need to switch their video management, player, or platform environment.

veeple-interplayThe “Interplay” API is a modular extension and by including the module, users will have access to the Veeple interactive library and will be able to add interactive elements to their video and deploy those to their audience as a transparent overlay on top of any video player.  Interactive elements available include:

  • Interactive image & Flash animation objects
  • Adobe PDF’s, Word & PowerPoint documents
  • Transparent actionable overlays
  • Actionable social networking icons
  • Textual overlays

The API will also provide some limited access to analytics around user engagement.  The API is being offered free with the hope that users will see the benefits of gaining access to Veeple’s more robust engagement metrics and video analytics suite via the Veeple website.

Veeple’s interPlay public Beta version will be available in early November but you can pre-register here .  In addition to the API which developers will be able to leverage, Veeple is working also directly a few online video solutions providers in order to be able to offer plugins that ease the integration process for those of us that are not developers.  The first plugins to be released will be for the JW Player and thePlatform.  We’ll update you on those when they are available and we’ll add the API details to our list of Online Video Platform APIs when we get them.

Congrats Scott and Veeple team.


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