SpotXchange Taps Innovid For Interactive PreRoll Video Advertising Campaigns

SpotXchange Taps Innovid For Interactive PreRoll Video Advertising Campaigns

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Video advertising is quickly seeping into every aspect of online life, and why shouldn’t it? With the new partnership between Innovid and SpotX, advertisers using the latter can use the iRoll Apps of the prior and create interactive and social video advertising campaigns out of standard pre-roll creative.

While interactive video advertising isn’t new, it was one of my big trends to watch this year. Several major products have rolled out and big ad networks are getting in on the action as well. The latest is SpotX who is using the Innovid (sounds like aliens from an 80’s cartoon right?) iRoll Apps, because they make your eyes roll across them? Interesting word play, I like it.

Anyway, what the iRoll Apps do is give you a set of links that you can put into an interactive overlay for further engagement with the brand. The six available apps presently are:

  • Twitter Feed
  • Image Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • YouTube Video
  • Text
  • Facebook page

On top of that they have some apps in the works that will expand the interactivity to include things like store locators, chat, coupons and other special offers, purchasing, sharing, tickets and showtimes and more.

Seeing a video ad is one thing, interacting with it to get more information is far cooler. As a consumer and online video viewer I hate being pulled away from the content I’m trying to watch so if I see something I like I will simply make a mental note to check it out later. However, if I could do something like get a quick reminder or some other information, I’m more likely to remember to do it. With interactive pre-rolls like this, that’s now the case and should lead to better brand engagement, purchase intent and conversion overall.

Here’s what Spotx had to say in that regard:

MSC Cruises (SUSA) Inc. recently completed the first phase of a 2-month-long video ad campaign with SpotXchange, using Innovid’s iRoll Apps.  The campaign had an average engagement rate of 4 times the industry average.  The campaign featured a 30-second pre-roll video, which had a link to the MSC Cruises Facebook page as well as the ability to play additional cruise videos on MSC’s YouTube channel directly in the ad unit.

I think what a lot of video advertisers and video ad networks forget is that, they’re actually interrupting what it is the consumer/viewer was trying to do which is watch video online. Pulling us away from that is not going to ingratiate your brand with us. Giving us the ability to interact and get something we want, will. What I would also like to see is that, when a viewer interacts with a pre-roll like this, the ad goes away. You’ve already triggered engagement, you’ve already got the consumer’s attention and they’ve taken some action. No matter if the ad is completed or not, it should disappear and let us get back to our content.

I know, I know, you think I’m nuts. But look at what giving viewers a choice of video ads has done for completion rates and brand recall already. Don’t you think that once you’ve pulled the consumer into an action, that you then could be kind enough to skip the rest of the ad? Yes I know, there’s some technical aspect to that but with the knowledge and power of Innovid and SpotX, I think they could make that happen fairly easily. If it’s all VAST and VPAID compliant, it should be able to send a single to end the video ad and start the video quite easily, right?

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