Interactive Are 50% of AdoTube Video Ads in Q4 2010

Interactive Are 50% of AdoTube Video Ads in Q4 2010

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AdoTube released their Q4 2010 Format Index on video advertising. This information is based on the 65 to 90 million in-video ad impressions they serve per week and covers the products they offer for advertisers. So this is more of a snapshot of their service and users and not really an industry-wide report.

They collected information on over 3.5 billion impressions and split them into categories:

  • Branded overlay
  • Interactive overlay
  • Standard pre-roll
  • Polite Pre-roll (giving users choice)

In their research they found that 50% of ads were of the interactive variety. That’s a combined number for the Interactive overlay and the Polite Pre-roll they offer. Standard pre-roll ads fell to 30% and branded overlays accounted for only 20%.

They also found that

  • In-video engagement was 7x more than display benchmarks and hovered right around 21%.
  • Almost 50% of Polite pre-rolls are 30 seconds or longer (48%) rest are 15-second spots.
  • Standard Pre-rolls are still mostly 15 seconds. (60%)
  • Click through rate topped 1.6% for Q4 2010, up 1% over 2009.
  • View-through for Polite pre-roll was lower on average than standard pre-roll but is generally growing (though the middle of the year saw a drop).

The Wrap

Again, these are just numbers from the AdoTube network and not representative of the industry. But 36.2% of views going to 100% when half of those are 30 seconds or more is pretty decent. The CTR on those Polite Pre-rolls is also pretty good with 3% in Q4 being almost 1% more than the standard pre-rolls.

I still believe that interactivity is the future of online video advertising. AdoTube users seem to believe in it as well since 50% of ads are some manner of interactive whether offering the user a choice of ad or including it in the overlay. It makes sense, and interactive overlay also had a much higher CTR overall (almost 1% versus 0.40% for branded overlays and 0.10% for standard rich media video).

You could also look at the AdoTube numbers and clearly see that viewers don’t really like pre-roll no matter if you give them a choice or not. The view through to 100% for both pre-roll formats is still below 50% meaning there’s a lot of lost viewers that might be converted. Then again, if you were to place those ad dollars in interactive overlay, you might see far more conversion due to the CTR. AdoTube didn’t state if the CTR for the Polite pre-roll included the users making a choice to dismiss the ad. I wonder how many people dismiss the ad as soon as it appears and never go back to it. It looks like it might be as high as 50%.

UPDATE: AdoTube dropped me a line to say that CTRs on Polite Pre-rolls DO NOT include Closing Out the Ad. So there you go, see how nice it is to have friends in the industry…

You can check out their full report on Scribd.


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