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stephen-chao-headshotReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews Stephen Chao, CEO of Wonderhowto, the largest aggregator of instructional videos on the Web today. In our podcast show, Stephen talks about how a former President of Fox Television and USA Cable decided to get involved in the online video community space, and what important do’s and don’ts businesses can learnfor creating instructional videos of their own.

Overview of

wonderhowto-logoBilling themselves as the largest aggregator of instructional videos on the web, Wonderhowto was founded in 2006, and launched in January 2008 with 90,000 entries. (Myself and ReelSEO’s Mark Robertson were actually in the audience at Stephen’s Keynote at the Online Video Search Summit in San Francisco, where he first announced the launch.) Since then, the site has now over 228,000 videos, and is on track to reach 3 million monthly visitors by February 2009.

As their press copy reads, Wonderhowto promotes itself itself as a “community-powered free internet how-to instructional video website” that “hand-selects and curates the best instructional videos from over 1,700 websites.”

What also makes the site of interest is that most of the videos selected are done through human review. “Automated curation lets too many sub-par videos into the index,” says Stephen.

In my own “mini-quikie-reviewie,” I found two items of particular interest to video marketers:

  • 730,000 pages of its site are indexed in Google’s search results, which appears to be spidering more and more videos by the hour
  • There’s an appeal for B2B audiences, especially the Business and Money category.
  • Star potential – community members can become “Wonderstars” and shoot to the top of results, either by submitting videos or commenting on videos, or having your videos and profile viewed and commented on.

Q&A Quickies

The following are some questions we posed to Stephen prior to our podcast show. This will give you a taste of what to listen out for…

Grant: What are some of your selection criteria for choosing video submissions?

Stephen: Does the video have a real intent to instruct, is it of good quality, is it free, and its it not a commercial.

What are the most popular categories on your site?

Software, magic, dating/sexual education

How do you make your revenue from the site?

Display ads

What can people expect to see from WonderHowTo for 2009?

We’re going to organize and parse the 3+ million unique visitors and allow different communities within the site to express a point of view.

Podcast show Q&A’s

Listen to the podcast show to hear Stephen Chao’s full answers to all of these questions…

  • Why did you decide to get into online instructional videos?
  • What are the advantages for a business to be doing instructional videos?
  • Explain for what makes a successful instructional video.
  • Tell us more about your “human curation” process.
  • How does a website’s videos get included?
  • When is it appropriate to show humor in an instructional video?
  • What features 2009 can we expect to see for instructional video websites?


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