9 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 29th April 2014

9 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 29th April 2014

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It’s that time where we take a look at our pick of the best branded Instagram videos of the week. But we also have something extra for you, the top three branded Instagram videos by likes! We’ve teamed up with social media analytics platform Shareablee to confirm which brands are constantly performing well on Instagram each week when it comes to video content. It may come as no surprise that GoPro, NBA and NatGeo dominate the charts when it comes to likes and engagement. In our pick of rest, watch how ear hair disappears with the magic of fire, Mini takes its wedding vows very seriously, and McDonald’s goes selfie crazy.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week

#1 GeneralElectric 

If you are going to put a product to market, then you’re going to need to smash it about a bit to see how it holds up. General Electric has launched its springbreakit.com campaign (geddit?) to show the public just how much testing they put their advanced materials through. Fascinating.

#2 GQ

Barbershops are undergoing something of a revival and here’s an example of why – the personal quirky touch. Setting fire to your ear hair might not be your first preference but when you see a professional in action, it’s hard not to be impressed.

#3 HM

H&M is encouraging customers to donate unwanted garments, of any brand and in any condition, to their stores in 53 countries, and this 15-second video supports a longer film over at YouTube.

#4 MacDonalds

MacDonald’s gets in on the selfie craze with their own version. An excellent stop-motion clip backed up with a banging soundtrack. It almost looks good enough to eat……

#5 M&M

To celebrate National Pretzel Day, M&M brought us this lovely little clip of an M&M pretzel. Yum.

#6 Mini

For the third week in a row, Mini has created some stunning content for its #AskTheNewMINI campaign. This week’s installment finds the little car in a romantic mood as it responds to a marriage proposal.

Top Branded Instagram Videos of the Week – Per Brand

#1 NatGeo (4822533 Total Followers) 115,688 Likes 1,418 Comments

Of the most liked 1000 branded Instagram Videos of last week, NatGeo took 5 of the spots, which doesn’t sound like a big deal until you find out that all 5 appeared in the top 25 videos listed. That’s quite some achievement. This one achieved the highest amount of likes at 115, 688.

#2 nba (2378704 Total Followers) 105663 Likes / 4737 Comments

NBA Instavids were also wildly popular with viewers with 29 Instavid appearances in the top 1000. The most liked was this one of Wardell Curry.

#3 GoPro (1980120 Followers) 91,335 Likes / 478 Comments

GoPro made 3 appearances in the most liked Instagram videos of the week, all within the top 20. Abelxo at the O2 Arena in London was GoPro’s most popular Instavid.


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