7 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 29th March 2014

7 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 29th March 2014

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Oculus Rift may have grabbed all the Facebook-related headlines this week, but that other Zuckerberg acquisition, Instagram isn’t doing too bad either. The video and image sharing site has crossed the 200 million user mark, an increase of 50 million in just 6 months, and it’s now more popular than Twitter among U.S. smartphone users. Brands continue to use the platform as part of their video marketing strategy and this week, in our pick of the best branded Instagram videos of the week, Taco Bell pokes MacDonald’s with a sharp stick, Disney tempts us with some Mousey waffles and Oreo takes us on a lovely, scrummy journey.

Best Branded Instagram Video of the Last 7 Days

#1 Oreo Cookie

The creative team behind Oreo’s video content consistently deliver simple yet innovative ideas. With no particular calendar event to build content around this week, they take us on a sailing trip to Nom Island instead.

#2 Armani

Armani are going into the watch business and as you would expect, being Armani, the collection is swiss-made, elegant and classy. The product website is far too clever by half, but the promotional clip uploaded to Instagram is mesmerising and understated. Which is exactly the pitch it was going for, we presume.

#3 SnoopyGrams

Who knew that Snoopy had a sister? In what must be a tie-in to the new movie, top Vine Creator Khoa, brings Belle to life in this stop motion clip. If she turns out to be half as sassy as her brother, we love her already.

#4 Marks & Spencer

UK retailer, Marks and Spencer, has used personalities to promote its stores and products for years. In the latest campaign, Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson is on board, alongside Annie Lennox and Rita Ora, to take the brand into summer. Here’s Emma being sorely tempted by a platter of M&S cakes and treats – and who can blame her?

#5 Oakley

In the week that Oakley became a branded partner for Google Glass, it also hooked up with Tyler Hendley, West Coast skateboarder king to promote its Oakley Prescription eye-wear.

#6 Disney

Making Mickey Mouse waffles to a Herp Alpert soundtrack? Sounds like our perfect Saturday morning.

#7 Taco Bell

TacoBell, in a genius marketing move, has been butting heads with MacDonald’s all week to raise awareness for its new breakfast menu. The fun carries on over at Instagram in the battle of the socks.


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