7 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 28th January 2014

7 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 28th January 2014

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We’ve been bringing you the best branded Vine videos for a few months now but let’s not forget that the Instagram video platform is also a very rich playground for many of the big names in sport, retail and entertainment. In the first of our regular round-ups of the most creative Instagram videos of the past week, Michelle Obama gives LeBron James a lesson in slam dunking, the Muppets show you how to be less boring, we catch a sneak glimpse of Summer 2014 fashion, and Daft Punk make everyone dance along to the biggest hit of 2013.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Last 7 Days

1. NBA

If anyone is going to videobomb your interview, then it may as well be the First Lady. Michelle Obama slam dunks Miami Heat basketball player LeBron James as part of a promotion for the “Lets Move” campaign to tackle childhood obesity.

2. MTV

In the first of our #Instagrammys, Daft Punk made sure everyone got up on their feet to “Get Lucky” at the Grammy Awards. Yes, that is Paul McCartney doing his dad dance.

3. MTV

34 couples, same-sex and straight, got married during the Grammy’s ceremony on Sunday. Queen Latifah, officially recognized by Los Angeles County to conduct wedding ceremonies, led the proceedings to the theme of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hit “Same Love”.

4. Gap

It may be the middle of winter, but the fashion industry is already looking ahead to Summer 2014. Here’s a sneak preview of what we can expect on the shelves at Gap.

5. Ben & Jerrys

Ever wonder where Ben & Jerry’s comes from? Unsurprisingly, from a food processing factory. Still, it’s Ben & Jerry’s right? So who cares.

6. TopShop

Another sneak preview of Summer 2014, this time from TopShop. Very simple, very effective and featuring the bouncy, sing-a-long “Happy”, it’s a fantastic use of the 15 seconds they had.

7. ToyotaUSA

Muppets make everything better, especially when they are experimenting with formulas to make things much less boring.


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