8 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 19th May 2014

8 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 19th May 2014

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It’s the fast-food brands that have created some of the best branded Instagram videos of the past seven days, including a Godzilla tie-in from KFC, and a sneak peek into the tray games that people play with Burger King fries. The ghost pepper, the hottest in the world, is a key ingredient of the Jack in the Box Blazin’ Chicken burger, and the brand has been having a lot of fun with that concept. Also, Mini takes a trip back to 1925 as they answer the question “Can you be used as a time machine?”.

That’s our picks of the best content, but which brands attracted the most views and engagement with their Instagram vids? NatGeo, and GoPro are up there, of course, but we also have an appearance from fashion brand Aéropostale whose Instavid features teenage YouTube superstar Bethany Mota. Thanks to our friends at Shareablee for supplying the top branded video data.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week

#1 KFC

As King of the Kaijus’ ‘Godzilla’ celebrates a $93 million box office opening weekend, KFC steps up to the plate with a challenge that not even this monster can beat their ‘Double Down’ chicken sandwich. Yes, it’s corny but it’s also a nice, quick and cheap way of capitalizing on a big pop-culture event.

#2 Jack in the Box

Ghost peppers are hotter than the sun, so of course Jack in the Box uses them as an ingredient in its Blazin’ Chicken burger. Buyer beware.

#3 Cornetto

UK Popster Lily Allen lends her (surprisingly lovely) acoustic voice to the latest Cornetto ice cream campaign, that challenges the public to sing a better version than Lily. Lily also features in the brand’s new long-form video ad.

#4 Burger King

Hey, who hasn’t played a game of Jenga with their fries, am I right? In our third fast-food appearance this week, Burger King shows us the tray games people get up to (which also includes just scoffing them down).

#5 Mini

Oh Mini, this might just be our favorite Instagram video campaign ever. In this week’s choice of its Instavids, the little car takes a trip back in time, complete with the silent movie treatment. Sublime.

Top Branded Instagram Videos of the Week – By Brand

The top performing brands on Instagram video have followers in the tens of thousands, so naturally attract a high level of engagement. However, they also work hard to produce content that their followers will respond to, and share. Let’s take a look at the brands that have attracted the most viewer love of the past seven days:

#1 Natgeo (5071821 Total Followers) 113,647 Likes, 2650 Comments

#2 Aeropostale (1011213 Total Followers) 64,347 Likes, 1,567 Comments

#3 GoPro (207,7508 Total Followers) 56,614 Likes, 552 Comments


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