Get the Latest Insights and Trends for Online Video in 2018 [Exclusive Report]

Get the Latest Insights and Trends for Online Video in 2018 [Exclusive Report]

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As short-form video continues to grow exponentially, more media publishers, and brands are taking full advantage of the medium to reach and engage with consumers and fans. Choosing the right strategy for your video publication and distribution is now more important than ever, but how do industry stakeholders keep up with the key trends in the new video ecosystem?

In the brand new ‘State of Online Video Q1 2018‘ report from Tubular, we take an in-depth look at the benchmarking and metrics that matter to you and your short-form video strategy. The report includes industry metrics as well as our standardized performance metrics, Tubular Video Ratings.

The Latest Online Video Trends – Now!

Data-driven video content is becoming the cornerstone of digital marketing campaigns. Media companies, brands, and publishers can keep up with the latest insights, trends, and new data by downloading Tubular’s new ‘State of Online Video Report Q1 2018’, and watching the playback of our webinar to get the latest stats for online video. You’ll learn the following:

  • The latest global trends in video content for 2018
  • A look back at the biggest video trends in 2017
  • Up-to-date insights around beauty, travel and food & drink on Facebook and YouTube
  • The pick of the influencers who are generating huge views in specific verticals
  • How unboxing and product review videos are still a top trend in Science and Tech content
Download the New Q1 2018 State of Online Video Report Today! Get All the Latest Video Insights and Trends

Views of Travel Related Video Content Continue to Grow

While a variety of content is generating views and engagement across the main social video platforms, videos related to travel continue to attract huge audiences. The new report from Tubular highlights some trends within trends in this vertical, essential reading for publishers and brands creating content around this topic. For instance, compared to 2016, we saw a 225% growth on Facebook for videos created around airline suites. This type of content has proved staggeringly popular with viewers, with over 69M Facebook video views of airline suite reviews, and walk-throughs. One influencer to watch in this vertical is ‘The Points Guy‘ who generated over 16M views with his review of the ‘Incredible New Emirates First Class Suite‘ in December 2017. Download the research now for more insights into what’s engaging your target audience.

‘Airline Suites’ video views on Facebook 2017 (All data via Tubular’s ‘State of Online Video Report Q1 2018’

Online Video Insights From 2017 – and For 2018

We talked to Allison Stern, CMO and co-founder of Tubular, about the brand new report, and the benefits it has to the online video industry. You can listen to a full transcript of the interview by clicking on this link:

Allison Stern: Tubular is the worldwide leader in video intelligence, and we’re tracking every online video across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – that’s over four billion videos. We’re adding millions of new videos every day, tracking 10 million influencers and media companies and brands that are publishing video content. Every quarter, our trend analysts sit down and we look through what’s trending, what’s popping, and what’s happening in the ecosystem.

For Q1 2018, we really dug into those interesting trends to understand what’s happening. There are some trends like unboxing which have been happening for years but still continues to generate huge views. That trend had about 500 million views in Q4, and that’s higher than it usually gets! We also saw some trends that came right out of the blue, like ‘Fancy Foods Made Easy’ which generated 450M views from nowhere in Q4 2017. Those are the types of trends we analyse.

Also, remember the Harlem Shake in 2013? That was a big dance trend, and then 2016 we had the Mannequin Challenge. This type of content is amazing, it takes off and goes global, and suddenly it’s on The Ellen Show, and you’ve got people’s grandma at Thanksgiving doing it! The latest one is called the ‘Shoot Challenge’ In December, I think there were 300 million views worth of people doing this. So, go check it out, go watch The Shoot Challenge, go do it with your friends, and remember I was the one that told you about it!

The State of Online Video Q1 2018 Report

The exclusive ‘State of Online Video Report Q1 2018’ gives unprecedented insights into what’s happening on the major video platforms. Just click on the button below to access the webinar playback and the full report.

Download the New Q1 2018 State of Online Video Report Today! Get All the Latest Video Insights and Trends


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