Make Your Infographics Come Alive With A Motion Graphic Video

Make Your Infographics Come Alive With A Motion Graphic Video

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Motion graphic videos are becoming more and more popular as users search for fresh ideas and content from websites. There are different kinds of motion graphics that site owners can use depending on their industry and the message they want to put across. We already know that infographics are a blog’s best friend, – packed with information, easy to read and fun to look at so what more could you want in a post? The answer could be a little movement or a video that people can quickly watch, take in and share. We’ll take a look at some examples of great motion graphic videos that brands are using in their marketing strategy in a moment but first, let’s clarify what motion graphics are:

Good Examples Of Videos That Use Motion Graphic Images

To begin our look at how some brands are using this medium, here are two examples from Clarity Way Rehab, a company that uses motion graphics as a large part of their online presence.

Hereditary vs Environmental Motion Graphic Video

In this video about the effect of alcoholism, the viewer is given a lot of information in a simple yet effective way and as the pace is relatively slow it gives people some room to work with if they decide to share it or use screenshots from it.

Anatomy of a Drug Cartel Motion Graphic Video

The same company created another motion graphic with a different approach and narrative. Its use of simple graphics packs a powerful punch.

Measuring the Universe Motion Graphic Video

This is a fantastic example from the Royal Observatory Greenwich that breaks down a very complex idea in an understandable way. This video has a voice over to help walk the viewer through the storyline. One thing this video points out in comparison to the others is the possibilities are endless! You can create a motion graphic about anything you or your company wants.

Fast Food Motion Graphics

Notice how the viewer is taken for a walk through the video as it offers them the chance to learn as they go. It’s telling us a story and is compelling us to watch to the very end.

Coca-Cola Motion Graphic Video

Coca Cola have given us another great example of an educational narrative. This type of approach can work for any company, it doesn’t have to be about food or drink. The important thing to remember here is that you must make sure all of your information is correct.

Financial Foot Prints Real Time

This video takes a more low key approach but there’s still some great info here for the viewer. It would have definitely benefited from a voiceover but they have utilised a soundtrack that complements the images.

I’m Thirsty Motion Graphic 

This is a fantastic example of a short, vibrant, snappy video with an incredible use of music and colour.

How To Use Motion Graphic Videos To Benefit Your Brand

As well as uploading your video to YouTube or Vimeo, think about adding it to your website on an individual web page or as a blog post. Put a short description with the video and then share it on all of your social media sites. Add it to your newsletters, send it to your clients to see if they would benefit from the information and even put a link to it in your email signature for a little while. You created it so people would view it, so make sure they have an easy time finding it.

Make It Shareable!

This is a must for motion graphic videos, infographics and any sort of material your company or organization is putting online. In fact, it’s the reason WHY most people create these types of graphics. By making it shareable, you’re creating an opportunity to get links back to your site. The more links you get from quality sites, the better your page will be in terms of SEO.

Make it shareable by uploading your video to YouTube of Vimeo and giving your viewers an embedded code to share it on their site. Social shares are great also, encourage your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to share the information as well.


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