How To Leverage Influencers in Your Video Marketing Campaigns

How To Leverage Influencers in Your Video Marketing Campaigns

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Influencers can really help in the promotion of a brand or product, often much more effectively than a media buy. In this week’s Creator’s Tip, we talk with Reed Lucas of YouTube MCN Bent Pixels who discusses how this tactic was used successfully on a campaign for Jakks Pacific toys.

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godzillaBent Pixels worked directly with Jakks on the promotion of its Godzilla toy, which was launched just prior to the release of the 2014 blockbuster movie of the same name.

The MCN reached out to many influencers in the toy industry, including ‘Lucky Penny Shop‘, and others who had a solid subscriber base of fans and followers. They were able to identify 20 influencers, all of which were sent the Godzilla product, and that campaign generated 500,000 views. That didn’t take into account all of the copycat channels trying to be like ‘Lucky Penny Shop’ and the earned media views that they drove.

The campaign provided Jakks with around $75,000 worth of media, just for the cost of the toy, and shipping the product to those influencers. It proved to be an excellent way of building brand awareness for a very reasonable budget.

The Cost of Leveraging Influencers

Some influencers will charge for promoting the products or services of others, and in those cases Bent Pixels presented these costs to its clients and proceed accordingly. In most cases though, the incentivised outreach really does achieve a lot for the brand.

How Can Brands & Creators Make Influencer Outreach Work?

There are many levels of outreach, and brands shouldn’t be afraid to contact those in their community who they feel would positively respond to that outreach. Don’t just reach out to a big-name YouTuber just because they are a big name. Really take the time to search for channels and creators that have a solid, engage community around them that may actually benefit you more in the long run. Brands should also be prepared to give as much control as possible to the creator. If there is payment involve, then of course both parties should work together on an approval process. But, if the brand is relying on the goodwill of the creator, it pays not to stifle them.

Of course, creators should also reach out to brands if they feel strongly enough about a product or service that they want to promote it.

Do you have any tips about incentivized outreach, as a brand or a creator? Let us know in the comments below.


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