How to Increase Video Views & Maximize Distribution via Integrated Media Channel Promotion

How to Increase Video Views & Maximize Distribution via Integrated Media Channel Promotion

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We’ve probably discussed virtually every way you can promote your video through our coverage of the YouTube Creator Playbook and the YouTube Advertiser Playbook.  But it’s nice to have a list of the types of media channels you can use and break those down into segments.  Recently, social media agency Room 214 came out with a report that did just that, offering examples and suggestions for several types of integrated media: paid, owned, earned, and social.  Within all four of these type of media are powerful ways to promote your video and increase views.  So let’s take a look at them.

Promoting Your Video Through Paid Media

Paid media is a sometimes-controversial topic, but the only reason it’s controversial is when people start harping on view counts and how much a paid video actually earned those views.  Where paid media works, though, is in kick-starting awareness.  In the end, you are paying for your video to be seen not because you want an insanely high view count and want to brag to everyone how many views you got.  You just want to have a percentage of those views to be meaningful and retain an audience and gain customers.

Here are the types of paid media as laid out by Room 214:

  • Digital advertising
  • Banners
  • Pay-Per-View
  • Rich Media
  • In-stream or social paid promotions

Whatever it may be, you are paying a service with great reach to help promote your video.  Here are some examples of outlets in which you can pay to get views:

There is an important thing to remember and Room 214 warns this in their report as well: there are shady services out there that promise views but they may do some sort of black hat SEO to inflate view counts and you get very little engagement in return.

Promoting Your Video Through Owned Media

Owned media is a website, or a social network page, or physical space that you or your business has set up and can do with as you please.  With owned media, you need to make it easier for people to find your video with direct marketing by embedding it in your blog, Facebook page, website, or e-mail, and make it able to be found with good SEO.

Here are the types of owned media from Room 214:

  • Website, blog, e-mail, microsites
  • Social networks
  • Press releases
  • Mobile web and games
  • In-store displays
  • Employees

Here are some of the places you can either embed the video or place a link to the video:

  • Facebook (encourage discussion with calls-to-action, likes, comments)
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Blog (write a post about the video and embed it)
  • E-mail (“blast” your customers and employees)
  • Optimized Press Release (press release with the video embedded)
  • YouTube: Room 214 then talks about what you actually do on YouTube, which we’ve covered many timesAnd here too.  Optimize metadata such as titles, descriptions, and tags (compelling and relevant, always remember).  Encourage discussion.  Add annotations.
  • Website/Microsite: Embed the video on your website.  I mean, that would be ridiculous not to at this point, right?

Room 214 offers these tips for optimization:

  • Keyword-optimized title above the video with related content nearby
  • Keywords used in the video file name
  • Use video markup
  • Create video sitemaps
  • Add annotations to encourage people to comment, like, subscribe

Promoting Your Video Through Social (Shared) Media

This is where the video’s promotion is out of your hands.  You’ve done the work to reach people, now these people have become your fans and are sharing the video with others, using almost all of the techniques described in the “owned media” section.  The actions of engaged users appear not only on your page but their page as well.  Room 214 points this out for example: if someone comments on your video on Facebook, that comment “lives” on your wall and it appears in the commenter’s timeline.

This is the pretty awesome thing about shared media: you can get exposure through “incidental contact.”  Almost every action someone makes with social media shows up in some way, and those connected to that person will see it.

Promoting Your Video Through Earned Media

Here are the types of earned media as laid out by Room 214:

  • Trusted connections
  • Influencers (or Tastemakers)
  • Brand communities
  • User-generated content
  • Word-of-mouth

Earned media is when you ask a friend, or an organization in which you are a part or in which you have connections, or a website/blog, to post your video and your content is so good, they want to share the video with others because it generates excitement with their own fan base.

Ways to do this are:

  • Leverage existing relationships and pitching influential bloggers with your video.
  • Giving a blog an exclusive “first look” and posting of your video.


These are all good outlets to know and an integrated, cross-channel marketing approach will help you take your video exposure to the next level.  Those who take advantage of the various forms of media when posting videos will be ahead of the curve when it comes to exposure.  There are so many people not using these outlets because they don’t have time or aren’t confident enough in their content.  You aren’t going to just be seen by accident most of the time, so being proactive in getting your video out there is key.


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