Kelsey Group’s ILM:08 Day 2 – New Takes On Local Audience Targeting

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ILM:08It’s day 2 of the Kelsey Group’s ILM:08 conference and we had a great first day.

Aside from the sessions and panels that were extremely informative on the state of interactive local media, we also had the pleasure to interview several folks in the local online video space, including SpotMixer, WellcomeMat, and Mixpo. Today, we are scheduled to conduct interviews with several additional leaders in the online video space including TurnHere, MediaMobz, Jivox, and more… We will be publishing these interviews in the following weeks.

Our first session today is with Brian Jurutka, VP, Marketing Strategies, comScore. His presentation is titled “New Takes on Local Audience Targeting.”  As you will see below, there was great research presented regarding the potential for mobile to take off. 

Here is the description for this session:

“How are local audiences using local services, and what has been changing in their usage? How will their usage be interpreted in new behavioral targeting schemes on the Internet, mobile and now, broadband video? “

  • The growth rate of total media spend will decreases and may even turn negative YOY according to emarketer’s – “Digital Marketing Now: Seven Strategies for Surviving the Downturn”
  • Online is more important now that ever before and will continue to grow in significance.
    • The analytics for online video marketing provide a proven ROI for interactive online media.
  • Average American
    • Earn $28, 567 a year
    • Works 7.6 hours per day
    • Has 13 vacation days per year
    • Watches 4 hours of TV per day

Comscore’s Segment Metrix Initiative

  • Channel segmentation – 66% of those surveyed said that online was the first source to turn to when searching for local business information.
    • Opportunity for mobile is tremendous
      • Data plan subscriptions are growing, driven by growth in unlimited data plans – YOY growth of more than 4% from 9.4% in 07 to more than 13% in 08
      • The growth in data plans is no surprise given the growth in smartphones – more than double compared to 07
      • Cell phone browsing growth has exploded in the past year.
      • 33% of iPhone users access a Business Directory at least once per month on the phone.
      • The iPhone and Smartphone lend themselves to using browser and apps more than SMS for information access
      • iPhones are still a small sliver – only 1% of the market – but they have been growing share
iPhone 3G Launch Analysis: Growth of iPhone Owners by Annual Household Income – Source: comScore

MobileThree-month average ending June, July and August 2008

Household Income
% Growth June to August 2008
Under $25,000
$25,000 to $49,999
$50,000 to $74,999
$75,000 to $99,999
$100,000 or more
  • Attitudinal Segmentation – Too fast for me to capture ;-)
  • Behavioral Based Segmentation
    • A high-user of the internet is someone who uses the internet >once per day and spends and average of 97 hours online. Heavy users are interactive:social sites, networking, gaming, online video.
    • Example – Visitors to are nearly 70% more likely to be heavy movie/ online video site visitors.
  • Geo-Demographic Segmentation
    • Households share more consumer similarities if they share the same life stage and smiling socio-economic characteristics
    • Example – “Gen X parents” over index on and under index on Yahoo Search.
    • Similar to some other types of segmentation, geo-demographic segments can be used across channels
      • Television drives the most online search activity in terms of offline to online conversion.



Video Industry

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