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A brand new web2.0 site launched on Nov. 22nd. iDesktopTV, is a new way to watch, organize, and download Youtube Videos. Currently, there are tons of different tools, widgets, and plugins, that are available and either take advantage of Youtube’s API or utilize source code to allow users to find and download videos from Youtube. But this one is worth checking out.

{Which brings up an interesting side question… “do any of these various services utilize different algorithms to rank videos, and if so, is there sufficient traffic to investigate video SEO techniques specifically for these applications?” In any case, ….}

3rd Eye Solutions in UK has launched a new web video application called, that functions similar in style to a desktop application. I had a few moments to play with this new application and noticed the following:

The results, 48 thumbnails of 9683 video results for keyword query “deftones” (a favorite band of mine) were returned extremely fast and every result on the page was one that I could easily identify as being the band either live or a music video.

I also performed a search for “Video SEO” and it returned 27 results in less than 2 seconds on my wireless cable connection. Here is a screenshot of the results that it retrieved:

idesktop tv screenshot

With each thumbnail, there are several options (play, download, email, share) you can choose from and if you choose to play the video immediately, it pops into a window within the current browser window (AJAX). What I enjoyed most about this interface was the fact that you could easily view the thumbnails of 48 video results at a time rather than having to scroll down as you have to on YouTube. I realize that is a small complaint, but this application in general improves upon the Youtube interface in several ways. I should mention as well that you can change the size of these video results on the fly to see up to 80 results at one time using the zoom slider at the bottom of the screen.

Here are some other cool features:

  • You can resize the video window to any size (currently on youtube you have their preset size)
  • You can import your current video favorites from Youtube
  • If you register, you can download the complete version of any video from Youtube in various formats
    • AVI, MOV, WMV, 3GP, FLV, 3GP2, MPG4
    • even as a Windows .exe file to play on any windows PC.
    • unlimitedĀ videos downloads per month

Here is a screenshot of the download utility:

While I have not had a chance to ask the folks at, it would be nice to learn whether or not they will be adding other video sharing sites in the future live revver, blip, etc… to the current Youtube index. We will keep you posted and please let us know what you think.


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