IAB VPaid Guidelines – Video Player–Ad Interface Definition Guidelines

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Recently the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has been working hard to set some guidelines for all sorts of online advertising, including now, video advertising and players.

Last week they released their Video Player–Ad Interface Definition Guidelines (VPAID) which looks at simplifying the buying and selling of digital video media by building a strong foundational infrastructure. That basically means they’re trying to make a standard guideline for things like:

  • Video player communication with the ads
  • Planning, production and implementation of video ads
  • Ad compatibility across all VPAID-compliant players
  • Specifications for all types of video players

This isn’t the first that the IAB has done in regards to digital video ads. In fact they have published a series of papers on the topic including:

The IAB Digital Video Committee’s goal is to implement a comprehensive set of guidelines, measurement, and creative options for interactive video advertising. Additionally, the committee will educate marketers and agencies on the strength of broadband as a marketing vehicle.

The new VPAID structure looks at:

  • Non-linear video ads
  • Interactive video ads

With this API standard, the IAB hopes to address the following market inefficiencies for publishers, advertisers, and ad networks:

  • Lack of common video ad supply technology, preventing video publishers from adopting 3rd party advertisements
  • Lack of common technology standards for advertisers to develop against, thereby increasing cost of asset production
  • Lack of video ad supply liquidity, increasing cost of integration with each publisher

Find out more and read the whole specification at the IAB site.


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