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Every once in awhile something crosses my desk (which is currently in Dubrovnik, Croatia) that doesn’t deal with metrics, controversy or anything heavy. This, is one of those times. I got an email from Heidi at Ripple Effect Communication on something she thought I might be interested. She was right, I’m interested.

It seems that the FeedRoom is working on a cool new way for you to find a friend via online video or to support a worthwhile cause. Their long time customer the Humane Society of the United States has decided they want to expand how they utilize their video library by expanding it to the iPhone. Of course there’s

Fighting for the protection of all animals, The HSUS relies heavily on Web video to advance its advocacy, fundraising and awareness efforts, and often goes to extremes to capture and make footage available. By taking the animal movement “mobile,” the organization hopes to engage new members in its efforts to end animal cruelty.

“Online video enables us to deliver powerful perspectives on important issues, and to reach out to members of the public at critical moments with a medium that engages and empowers viewers to get involved,” said Frank Loftus, senior producer at The HSUS. “When users access our site, they are redirected to a mobile interface that gives them access to our entire video library as MPEG4 podcasts. When new videos are added to the content library or playlists, they are automatically added to the site.”

“The FeedRoom has been a great partner for us in so many ways,” adds Loftus. “In one case, we needed an easy way for our viewers to offer their support, when affected by a video. Our FeedRoom account manager suggested adding a ‘Take Action’ button on the player, and now the Studio publishing interface allows us to customize each video with its own call to action. Clearly, the work we do to get the word out through online video enables us to have additional victories, and impact.”

Established in 1954, the work of The HSUS is to protect all animals from suffering. The organization has successful campaigns to combat the worst abuses of factory farming, and to end once and for all dogfighting and cockfighting. It has mobilized people from around the globe to demand an end to Canada’s notorious killing of baby seals for the fur trade. The HSUS is in the forefront reining in the cruelties associated with puppy mills and wildlife abuse. They also operate a sprawling network of sanctuaries for needy animals. It serves the nation as the lead disaster-relief agency for animals, and it operates a veterinary services program that provides no-cost services for tens of thousands of dogs and cats in rural regions throughout the country and around the world.

“The convergence of smartphone technology and Web 2.0 marketing strategies is extending the communications environment for our customer exponentially,” said Mark Portu, President and CEO of The FeedRoom. “Within the next 12 months, we anticipate enormous demand for mobile video with the rapid proliferation of iPhones, in particular. We are delighted to help our customers become first movers in this new era, and proud to support the efforts of The Humane Society and other forward-thinking organizations. ”

I did some digging around and for some reason their site didn’t realize I was on my iPhone. No worries, after several clicks (which I thought might have been one too many) I managed to get to the videos.

This just goes to show that online video has many uses, not just selling a product but also helping to make the world a better place.


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