Hulu Delivers Primetime Online Video To Social Networks

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hulu logoFor the first time and for free, social network users will be able to embed and watch entire seasons of popular shows on their and Facebook pages using SplashCast’s “social TV player” technology. As more TV viewers continue to find their favorite shows online, Hulu, an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips at and other online destination sites for free, anytime in the U.S., is teaming with content syndication service SplashCast® to distribute primetime television on and Facebook. Whenever new episodes are available on Hulu, SplashCast automatically syndicates the content directly to a viewer’s social network pages. Viewers also have access to the entire network of premium channels after installing a single SplashCast player. Additionally, viewers will be able to meet and interact with other fans watching the same shows.

The SplashCast player includes full episodes and clips from various seasons of each show, as well as interviews with the show’s characters, producers, and more. Fans can even upload their own humorous photos and videos for all to see, as well as view, rate and comment on photos and videos submitted by others.

Meanwhile, marketers can take advantage of the SplashCast primetime network, reaching targeted audiences by sponsoring specific SplashCast social network players. Brands are thus able to reach highly engaged audiences in a smart, safe and efficient way.

“SplashCast is expanding its social marketing offerings using primetime television shows to help brands and advertisers reach targeted audiences and get the most out of their online marketing dollars,” said Michael Berkley, CEO of SplashCast. “The Hulu and SplashCast combination provides a highly effective, measurable way to reach elusive 15 to 34-year-old audiences where they spend their time, with popular content they want and share.” offers one of the largest selections of legal, free videos from more than 115 top broadcast networks, cable networks, movie studios and Web-centric content providers. Hulu’s library offers more than 1,000 shows and movie titles, including more than 450 full-length shows and feature films.

Currently, SplashCast players are available for 20 popular TV shows from Hulu, and dozens more will be rolled out before the end of the year. Across SplashCast’s entire network there are 10 million viewers watching 150 premium channels every month. In addition to TV shows, the SplashCast network features music channels from pop stars such as Chris Brown and Britney Spears, and branded sports channels from companies such as Nike, Red Bull, and Quiksilver.


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