Hulu Does Not Want You To Watch Their Stuff

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Hulu does not want you to watch their stuff. At least that’s how it feels sometimes doesn’t it? If you live outside of the US you simply cannot watch their content. Well, you could by using a proxy service which caused some lag and slow downs and some other issues. But sometimes had the added benefit of stripping ads, which I’m not condoning, I am happy to watch ads to get the shows I want.

But now, you can’t even do that. Hulu has put the kibosh on anonymous proxies according to TechCrunch. Hulu has now found a way to lock out those anonymous IP services from fooling Hulu into thinking you are in America.

But is this so wise? What about all those people who were using the anonymous proxies to get around firewalls and banned site lists at work, school and other places like that? Not to mention…how much traffic are they really going to lose to this? As an American living abroad, I personally hate Hulu. They claim to be working on licensing issues to get their content out to the masses yet nothing is getting out to the masses. In fact they seem to be taking away from the masses lately. Now a lot of the things they have on their service I can watch on my local television networks. However, it’s all dubbed in Czech and just not the same. I want to watch stuff in English with the original voices of the actors. Hulu and the co-conspirators there (NBC, FOX and Disney/ABC) apparently don’t want me to watch their stuff.

Well not me exactly, but people like me. People who live outside the country but still want to maintain a certain tie to home. Well guess what, now even if you are in the country you might not be able to watch their stuff.

Doesn’t sound like a very solid business plan to me. TechCrunch said they are cracking down on ‘unwanted access to the service,’ which makes us sound like criminals just because we want to watch what Hulu has to offer outside of the US.  I’m not saying TechCrunch is calling us criminals. I love those guys and they know it (see you next year at PragueCrunch!). I’m saying Hulu is treating us like criminals.

I think Hulu is getting too full of themselves. Their remarkable rise up the traffic and popularity charts has gone to their head and inflated it to the size of an 80’s boy band member it seems. Nope sorry, we don’t want you to look at your stuff, but look at our stuff…if you’re the right type of people that is.

So really Hulu seems to be catering to (going to use a global stereotype here) rich white Americans who will buy stuff and make them profitable. They don’t want the poor, the destitute or the foreigners, illegal or otherwise.  And they certainly do not want you Americans, rich, white or otherwise, outside the country to view their stuff.

Huh, and they wonder why all their stuff shows up on pirate sites? Sure, it’s their stuff and they can do what they want with it. But zealous limiting of access to it just seems, well, isolationist and xenophobic now doesn’t it? Next they’ll be limiting access to say Hawaii because it’s not part of the continental America or Alaska because it’s too close to Russia…

I wonder if people in Puerto Rico can access Hulu. I mean it’s sort of like part of America, but not really…anyone from Puerto Rico?


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