Dive Into HTML5 Video With The Masters – HTML5 Webinar Replay Video

Dive Into HTML5 Video With The Masters – HTML5 Webinar Replay Video

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Last week, we held our second ReelSEO webinar event titled, “Dive Into HTML5 Video – Learn From The Masters.” The webinar was a great success and we had more than 1100 attendees join us for the first hour with more than 500 remaining online past the hour as we extended the Q&A session an additional 45 minutes. As promised, the following is a complete video recording of the webinar for those who may have missed it.

Dive Into HTML5 Video – Topics Included:

  • Overview of HTML5 <video>
  • Why is HTML5 video relevant
  • Technical advantages / disadvantages vs. Flash etc…
  • Implications for Video SEO
  • Tips / best practices for HTML5
  • Encoding for HTML5
  • Browser support
  • How to code HTML5 with Flash fallback
  • and more….

Dive Into HTML5 Video: Webinar Replay

Before you watch the video below, please take a moment to read more about our presenters and sponsor and express your gratitude by visiting their company websites to learn more about what they do.

For more on HTML5 Video, please visit our section on video technology where we write about the subject often.

I’d like to express my sincere thanks our presenters, Jeroen “JW” Wijering, Chief Video Deity at LongTailVideo and Philip Jagenstedt, Core Developer at Opera, for offering up their time and expertise to help educate ReelSEO readers on the subject of HTML5 video. Additionally, Id like to thank our sponsor, Longtailvideo.com, who made this Free webinar possible. Lastly, thanks to all our attendees for their continued support and interest. Stay tuned as I fully expect to announce additional webinar events down the road.

About our Partners

Philip Jagenstedt – Phillip is a software developer at Opera Software. His main work revolves around implementing HTML5 <video> and participating in various W3C working groups such as the HTML WG and the Media Fragments WG. The HTML5 <video> tag was invented at Opera. They weren’t the first browser the finally ship with it, but they were the first browser to ship with WebM support in Opera 10.60. Philip’s presentation can be viewed here.

Jeroen “JW” Wijering – Jeroen is a pioneer when it comes to online video, Period. He is the Chief Digital Architect at LongTailVideo and is the creator of the incredibly successful JW Player, which has generated several million downloads since their launch in 2005. In addition, Jeroen has developed several other projects including Sync.nl, an online magazine for entrepreneurs and professionals as well as an online video hosting platform/service called Bits on the Run. Jeroen graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, with honors. You can read some of Jeroen’s thoughts and posts about HTML5:

About our Sponsor

Please give our sponsor some props as they are the reason that this webinar is Free. Please check them out at LongTailVideo.com. Whether you’re a webmaster searching for the best online player compatible with dozens of plugins and skins or a publisher interested in monetizing their videos, LongTail Video can help.

Thanks again for your support and stay tuned for our next webinar.  Feel free to watch our previous webinar in full replay – “Encoding Video for the Web.


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