Howcast Announces YouTube Contest To Find Their First Official Company Vlogger

Howcast Announces YouTube Contest To Find Their First Official Company Vlogger

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Do you want to be a vlogger?  Well, good for you!  It’s an expanding field with plenty of room for new participants—and it’s also pretty fun.  Some of the most popular and successful YouTube producers are vloggers.  But what if I told you that you could be a vlogger, and get paid for it?  Would that be something you would be interested in?

If so, you should check out Howcast’s latest promotion.  The video how-to company is looking for their own vlogger, and auditions are open to pretty much anyone.  The eventual winner will work for Howcast, vlogging about the “wonderful world of how-to.”

As of yesterday, wanna-be video bloggers can submit video responses on YouTube in order to enter the contest, which runs through the end of the month.  Here are your contest steps:

1. Watch the original casting call video on the special YouTube page created for the contest, or just watch the embed of the video here:

2. Hopefully that gave you a better idea of whether or not you’re up to the challenge.  If you think you are, make sure you review the job description and requirements.  Those requirements are listed in that video above, but I’ll include them for you in text form as well:

  • Fun, dynamic personality
  • Great on-camera presence
  • Availability to work in Howcast’s NYC office at least 2 days each week
  • Minimum one year commitment
  • Video shooting and editing expertise, experience with Final Cut Pro or comparable editing software
  • Bonus: After Effects experience

3. Assuming you’re still interested at that point, then simply create your own video blog entry—making sure to spotlight your own personality as well as Howcast’s content—and upload it as a video response by November 30.  Be sure and let them know you entered, by emailing [email protected] with your name, number, email, mailing address, and a link to your video.

Winners will be chosen using the following criteria:

“Judging: Entries will be judged on originality, charisma, technical prowess, and user comments on YouTube.”

It’s that easy… to enter.  I somehow doubt this will be easy to win, as Howcast seems intent on finding a quality vlogger with top-notch filming and editing skills.

One of the best ways to show customers how you do what you do is to use video.  Pulling back the curtain and spotlighting the behind-the-scenes action at your company is a fantastic way to both explain what you do visually as well as draw your potential audience in by making them feel a part of the process.  So it’s smart that Howcast is doing this.  It’ll be like a how-to series… about a how-to company!

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