How YouTube Subscribers Can Set Up E-Mail Notifications for Your Channel [Creator’s Tip #88]

How YouTube Subscribers Can Set Up E-Mail Notifications for Your Channel [Creator’s Tip #88]

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Sometimes, going to YouTube to find your favorite channels’ new uploads isn’t enough.  Either you’ve missed the new episode because you’ve been away for awhile, or there’s some other issue on YouTube’s end where you didn’t get the notification in your subscriber box.  Well, there is another way to get a tap on the shoulder when it comes to new uploads.  In the subscriber box, there’s a drop-down menu that you may have overlooked because you’re probably attracted to all the pretty thumbnails and intriguing titles.  This is how subscribers can get e-mail notifications for new uploads.

How Your Subscribers can Setup Email Notifications for Your Channel

Your subscribers have total control over this, so they can quit any time and are under no obligation to keep it.  This can be really helpful if there are channels of which you absolutely do not want to miss one upload.

If your subscribers want to do this, this is what they need to do:

  • Go to the home page
  • Go to “My Subscriptions.”  The current uploads for all the subscribed channels will show up.
  • Go to an upload of the channel in question.  There is an arrow in the right-hand corner of the box it’s in:

subscriber box

  • Click on the arrow.

A drop-down box unfurls, which gives them the option to “get an e-mail for each upload from .” A check mark will appear and e-mail notifications will start happening. And if they ever want this madness to stop, they can go right back and un-check it.

subscriber box drop down

Simple as that!

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For this week’s Creator’s Tip, I am going to show you guys how your subscribers can get an instant email notification for every video that you upload to
your channel. That is coming up.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer. Welcome to another week of ReelSEO’s Creator’s Tip, where every week we do our best to help you guys who are making
online video content know how to make that stuff perform the best as it can on the web.

Today let’s talk about this feature that YouTube has that will instantly send an email to your subscribers telling them that you’ve uploaded a new video.
Now atfirst this might seem like a really annoying thing, but your subscribers have total control over this and they can go set this up themselves. The
advantage of it is, for me for example I subscribe to almost 400 or maybe more than 400 channels on YouTube and I do not want to be notified about all of
them obviously. Some of them, I don’t even watch every video they do, just kind of the ones I think are interesting, but there are a couple of channels
that I subscribe to where I don’t want to miss a single video that they do. So instead of trying to remember to go back and check their channels or to
avoid accidently missing one in my subscription feed, I can get an email notification from YouTube as soon as that channel uploads a new video. That way I
know I am not missing anything and I can stay up to date on every video they are publishing as soon as it goes live.

How can your subscribers set this up? Well, it is really easy actually, just instruct them to go to their homepage on YouTube and look for your channel
somewhere in their feed there. Then in the upper right corner, when they find it they click a little down arrow and a box will appear and all theyhave to
do is click on the one that says get an emailfor each video uploaded by such and such channel. YouTube will put a little check mark next to that one and
then if people want to stop getting those emails all theydo is go back again to your channel in their home page feed and click that same down arrow and
just unclick it and that checkbox will go away.

If you want to play with the system first and see what the emails look like and all of that kind of stuff, I would encourage you to do it to our channel
here at ReelSEO and while you are on your YouTube home feeds, you might notice that some things have been redesigned. Last week YouTube made some updates
and changes to it. And on my channel at we talk about what some of those changes are and what it is going to mean for those of us
who are video creators. Is it going to boost views that we get to the videos or is it maybe going to help our videos get drowned out even easier in all of
that clutter that is in that feed. We talked about that over on Video Creator’s so go check that out if you are interested and comment below and let me
know if this email subscription thing is something that you would point out to your subscribers and encourage them to do or not use at all. I look forward
to hearing your thoughts about this. I look forward to interacting with you guys in the comments. If this is your first time hanging out with us, welcome
and we would love to have you subscribe. Also check us out at for other helpful things that we are publishing all throughout the week just to
help you guys who are online video marketers. Check that out and I will see you guys again next week for another Creator’s Tip video. Bye.


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