How-to Set Up YouTube’s Fan Funding Tip Jar Feature

How-to Set Up YouTube’s Fan Funding Tip Jar Feature

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It was announced as an upcoming feature at VidCon 2014, but now it looks like YouTube’s Fan Funding feature is officially being rolled out to eligible creators in the U.S, Mexico, Australia, and Japan. Fan Funding is a way of allowing supporters of your channel to donate a one-off contribution via Google Wallet, with YouTube charging 21 cents, plus a 5% commission on each transaction in admin fees. As far as we know, individual YouTubers will receive the full amount less YouTube fees, unless they have signed a separate agreement with any MCN they are affiliated to. Also, at the moment, only viewers resident in the U.S, Australia, Japan, or Mexico will be able to donate.

If you are interested, and you live in one of the four countries that allows you to enable YouTube Fan Funding, here is our quick guide to setting up this feature. To be eligible for the Tip Jar feature, your channel must meet these basic requirements:

  • Your YouTube account must be in good standing
  • You meet the general criteria for YouTube partnership
  • You have verified your account by phone
  • If you’re part of an MCN, they must be enabled for Fan Funding
  • You have an approved AdSense account linked to your YouTube account.
  • You are resident in Australia, Japan, Mexico, or the U.S.

How-to Set Up Fan Funding on Your YouTube Channel

Apply to Join: To start the process, hop over to the Fan Funding sign-up page and complete the details.

fan funding form

Enable Fan Funding: When you’ve been accepted, you’ll see this new feature appear in your video manager. Just press the ‘enable, button to activate:


Confirm Your YouTube Account Details: Then, confirm your details and agree to the terms and conditions of the feature:


Confirm Google Wallet Account Details: YouTube will ask you to confirm your Google Wallet details. Please note, your real name will be on display to the world if that is what you used when setting up the “Public Business Name” for Google Wallet. However, it is easy to change this setting to match your YouTube user name by updating your Google Wallet Merchant settings link at the bottom of


Set Up a Thank You Message: The next step is to set up both a message to your supporters, and a thank you message for those who have donated. Be as creative as you want here.


The ‘Support this Channel’ feature box will appear on your home page, with a clickable link for donations. You are now set up for receiving tips from your supporters. Awesome!


Fan Funding Interactivity Cards

According to our sources, Interactivity Cards are still being tested, and are in the beta stage at the moment, active for only some accounts. We’ll let you know as soon as they begin to roll-out for all eligible users, but you’ll be able to set them up via the ‘Interactivity’ tab on your videos.


Would You Rather Watch A Video Tutorial for Fan Funding Setup?

Need some more info on what a Tip Jar could do for you? Here’s a great video by our friend Derral Eves who also explains in detail, the process of Fan Funding on YouTube:

Have you enabled the Tip Jar feature on your YouTube channel yet? Have you received your first donations? Let us know in the comments below.


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