How-to Record Google Hangouts Video

How-to Record Google Hangouts Video

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Many people use Skype to record online video interviews, and that’s OK if you are interviewing one person. But what if you want to include more people on the interview? Google Plus Hangouts makes this easy, and we show you how on this week’s Creator’s Tip.

How-to Record a Video Interview in Google Hangouts

We’ve already given you 9 great how-to tips for creating the best video interview, but if you are not physically present with the person you are interviewing then you will need to use software like Skype, or Google Hangouts. The advantage with Hangouts is that you can record multiple people at the same time, which has so many advantages.

Just create an unlisted ‘Hangout on Air’, and then invite your guests into that Hangout. Set it to broadcast, and it will start recording, but keep it unlisted, so it won’t be open to the public, or to your YouTube subscribers. Once the recording ends, YouTube takes around 30 minutes to archive the footage to your Video Manager. Once the video appears, you can download the MP4 file from YouTube and edit it in the software package of your choice. The simply re-upload to YouTube and publish. Let’s go through the steps one-by-one:

#1 Open a Google Hangout From Within Your Google+ Page

Go to your Google Plus page (the same one that is connected to your YouTube channel). Mouse over the ‘Google+ Page’ button in the top right hand corner, and then select ‘Hangouts’ from the drop-down menu.

Google Plus Menu Google Hangouts

#2 Start Recording or Schedule a Hangout For a Later Time

A new screen will open which will give you a few options. Click the ‘Start a Hangout on Air’ button, which will open a new mini window. Name your Hangout, and give it a brief description, then either select to start the broadcast right now, or schedule a later time for it. Then, change the ‘Audience’ default from Public and add yourself. Then click ‘Share’:

Google Hangout on Air set up

#3 Invite Guests into the Google Hangout Video Recording

Now click the ‘Start’ button. The next step is to either invite the other guests into the recording, or to create a link to the interview that you can share by email instead. All the recipients need to do is to click on the permanent URL link that you send them, and it will bring them directly into the Hangout. Once everyone involved is in the Hangout and is ready, click the ‘Start Broadcast’ button.

#4 Download the MP4 File From YouTube and Edit (Or Not)

Once the video interview is over, click on the ‘Stop Broadcast’ button, and then head over to your YouTube channel. The Hangout won’t appear in your Video Manager immediately, it could take around 30 minutes, depending and how big the file is, and how much processing YouTube has to do to get it ready. Once it appears, you can download the MP4 file, and edit it on your desktop. Or, if you don’t feel it needs editing, you can publish, as you would any other video.

Do you use Google Hangouts for your video interviews? Do you have any other tips and tricks for using this approach? Let us know in the comments below!


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